PayPal Alternatives for Under 18's?

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I've spent the last few months making a WordPress theme, and I'd very much like to start selling it as soon as possible! However, I'm not 18 until January, so I'm not technically (legally) allowed a PayPal account. Should I just wait, or is there an alternative?
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    being under 18, my guess is that you are out of luck. most payment processors require a person to be 18 years old to legally sign their terms of use agreements.

    Do you maybe have a parent that could help you out with this?
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    You could have your parents, older friends, or siblings set it up for you. This is probably the quickest way, and it's better to start now than waiting a couple months just because your not old enough.

    But i don't think there are any alternatives, because paypal is just adhering to laws that are in place, and everybody else probably has to play by the same rules.
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    I guess the best bet would be to get my parents to set it up for me, it is annoying knowing I only need to wait a couple of months though!

    Thanks for your help.
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