Did Youtube just changed the rule for URL in decription?

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Just noticed that when you click a link in the description in YT video, it
is displaying this message:

Redirect Notice
The previous page is sending you to Flock The Vote.

If you do not want to visit that page, you can return to YouTube.

So, all the hype and promotion/conversion via YT is in jeopardy?

What "animal slap" are you guys call this?

"Black Mamba"??
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    I noticed that last night on a couple of videos I was watching. I'm hoping it doesn't become a standard feature as it could lead to a drop in clicks.
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    They actually have this feature on Facebook, I think YT is testing it, along with changes to their layout
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    I think you'd still make alot of money with it though. As long as you attract alot of traffic and visitors to your videos. Plus, you should have a URL at the bottom of your video anyway just in case viewers want to type your URL in their address bar.
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    It may discourage clicks at first because people will associate it with a spam blocker pop-up or malware warning.

    But I think once the YouTube culture realizes that clicking on any non-youtube url produces this pop-up they will either disable it in their options (certainly you don't want to be forced into this rigamarole as a viewer), or people will get used to the new process and automatically click through since clicking the link is what they intended.

    I have yet to see this behaviour on YouTube, but I have seen it mentioned in other threads.

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