Help! Can't get my old login...?!?

by markalison Banned 5 replies
No matter what I try, it keeps telling me it can't find me, and the email I enter isn't found!

I have a fair number of posts under that ID, not to mention a paid subscription to the War Room.

What do I do?

Thanks in advance,

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    try different email--same happened to me---I tried one of my other emails addresses and remembered that was the one I used.

    go to old warrior forum--go to your Profile - it should list your email used.
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      If you can get into the old forum check your profile. The right email is listed there.

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        I know someone having the same problem, and he IS using the email that's listed in the old forum - only it's not the original email he signed up with though. Try the help desk maybe.
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          I was having problems also. Even got an email sent to me saying someone was trying to log into the forum with my name...LOL, that was me and I got limited for 15 minutes.

          What I did was request another password(forgot password) and I was sent another password to log in.

          After I was logged in, I change my password back to what it was originally


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            I would check the old forum to get your email address or if that doesn't work then contact the help desk.
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