What type of giveaways can be used for "free"

by 300SMG
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As many of you have said, in order to get users to sign up for your email list it's sometimes best to give 'stuff' away. I was wondering what is best to use for a giveaway. eBook? 1-sheeter with tips and how-to's.

What's your opinion?
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    Something of value is always the best way. Doesn't really matter what it is but it has to be worth your prospective client to give their email address up for

    Just my 2 cents
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    I agree, was just wondering if anyone had any more success with one thing or another. I guess the easiest test would be to split test different offers and go from there.
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    Remember -- it's the first impression your visitors will have of you. So make sure it impresses them enough to buy your paid products and stay on your list.

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    Free videos with some great info. that leads them to want more has bee my best converter lately. It also helps to presell the "rest of the story." But as mentioned above it has to be of quality if you want a customer in the future.
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