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by trnz
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I have put my first ad on Craigslist. I read on here about people having many different ads running at the same time, in different categories and in different locations. I do not want to have any problems with CL's rules. Could somebody tell me how to maximise my ads like this? I've spent 3 days searching the net and can't find any answers to any of the above
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    You'll have to create a new account. You'll have to verify that account with another phone number. You'll have to take care so as to cloak your IP or use an IP range that is from within the area that you are posting, otherwise CL will flag your posts and will require you to verify your phone number again.

    It's not easy by a long shot.

    There is software that is supposed to automate this whole process, but it costs.

    How bad do you need it?

    Also keep in mind that this is probably breaking CL ToS, but then again, so is SEO breaking Google's.

    If you're content with one account and don't want to shell bucks for a large operation, make sure to post one ad per day (especially in the services section).
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      I dont know cause Ive heard people say you will be ghosted for posting in multiple cities from your same IP, but Ive done that in the past and not been ghosted. I am trying to figure out how it works also, I wish there was a checklist you could make but I think it might be a little more random..
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