How do I make Facebook & Twitter work for IM

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I'll start by saying I'm a but of an old Fud. I want to know how to use Facebook & Twitter effectively to drive free traffic to my website.

I've tried joining relevant groups on Facebook and I tweet most days, but only have a few followers/friends on each after a couple of months.

I keep hearing how brilliant they can be to promote a website but both seem to be a heck of a lot of work for virtually nothing for me.

I'll end by saying I'm not completely useless with social media, Linkedin works very well for me, sending me 20% of my daily site traffic.

Specific practical advice please. Thanks.
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    Search bar, mate. This question has been asked, and thoughtfully answered, dozens of times.
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      I know, I've read them - Join groups, post & tweet regularly, I do them all.

      My website is doing well in its (unusual) niche, but I just can't seem to make any headway in Facebook or Twitter.

      I think it's because I'm from an older generation and if I'm honest I just don't get it.

      Any "try this" type practical advice would be welcome.
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    Connect With Other Page Managers
    This is a powerful tactic to a make a live connection with other Page admins who have a similar demographic to yours and cross-promote each other.

    Share Original Content:
    Content is still king and when people share your content, your Page name travels with it. Think of new ways you can add original photos as part of your content.

    Tag Your Page From Your Personal Profile:
    I recommend you post about your business occasionally on your Personal Profile.

    Link Your Profile to Your Page:
    Link Your Profile to Your Page make it as easy as possible for users to find your Business Page as well.

    Add Facebook in Your Email Signature:
    Again, this is not rocket science--just consider this tip as your gentle reminder to add a link to your Page in your email signature.

    Comment (Thoughtfully) on Other Pages as Your Page:
    This is a great way to get more exposure for your Business Page with a target audience. Participate on other Pages where your audience is already having conversations.

    Add a QR Code to Your Business Card:
    Make it easy for the people you have connected with in person to connect with your Page.

    Advertise Your Page on Facebook

    Add a Like Box to Your Website
    Monitor Scout - Website & Server Monitoring
    50 different checks, SNMP monitoring and much more.
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      Thanks MonitorScout, I'll try all your ideas.
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