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Hey Warriors,

I need help!

I think I found an untapped niche where I could make some really good money. I did my research and found many long-tail keywords that I will use to target customers.

The product I will promote can be found online. When people search for the product online, they always enter their location before or after the long-tail keyword.

So I have the long tail keyword xxxxx California, xxxxx Florida, California xxxxx, Florida xxxxx, etc... I have a long list of such keywords.

I believe people include their location in the search queries because they think providers operate within their home states, which is not the case... It has nothing to do with state laws or else.

My site will be some sort of review platform where people can come and leave reviews. The main page will be static and will list all the companies in the niche market to be reviewed by people. The optimization on this main page will focus on the companies, not on the geo long-tail keywords.

The list of geo long-tail keywords I gathered will be used to drive traffic to the website.

My question... How should I use those geo keywords to my advantage? Install a blog on the website and write blog posts with the geo long-tail keywords? If so, for xxxxx California and xxxxx Florida, should I use the same content? Any other options?

Looking forward to read the replies.

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    I would have to say that there just needs to be highly relevant and pertinant content on the page and to design it with an organic community based seo system. I would try not to use duplicate content as google frowns upon that.

    What you can do is create the site to include a lead capture system and then advertise with ppc if your keywords are low for competition then sell those leads to prospective clients.
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    For SUPER FAST results - social media optimize a Squidoo Lens, Slideshare profile and possibly a FB Fanpage. These can be used as 'Place-holders' of sorts until your content rocks up.

    Keep in mind that high website clicks and certainly, getting conversions aren't necessarily a result of high searches. For instance, I placed a website on Page #1 of one of the most competitive keyword markets online 'powerpoint'.

    Monthly search volume was reported at some 50 millions views per month. I found the two sites above mine (Microsoft both) received around 14,000 visits and I, 8,000 from the #3 spot for this key.

    We would think it should be much more right? All I am saying is 'test' 'test' 'test' and if the test proves unprofitable, let the project go and launch another which means even more testing! Don't hold onto to a 'dead stick'.

    B.D. Dale
    Online Marketing Instructor

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    If you have passion for your niche, you won't have problem creating various forms of content that will enhance marketing.
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