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There are several different promo platforms@apps on the market (wildfire,offerpop,strutta, shortstack...) with different prices and price structures. I would like to have your opinion about the following questions.

1- How important is white label and personalization to you. Would you pay much more to have these options?

2- Some of them, determine price only on the number of fans/followers that you have, on the other hand others offer different functionalities in each plan. Which model is more fair?

3 - Some of them have a monthly plan, while others charge per promo or have a setup fee. What do you think?

4 - Finally, there are some that charge per usage, or based on the number of leads/interactions that your promo have. Given that you don't know in advance how much you will pay (depends on how successful your promo is), do you think companies like that?
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    any answers please?
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      I find that the strongest promo platforms give as much flexibility to the user as possible. This includes the ability to white label there own promotions (such as in giving the ability for the customer to use their own HTML).

      I like the monthly fee because you can make as many promotions as you want - and can cancel at any time.

      I am a little biased to promo tools (since I am the owner/creator of one!) but I just think that many out there are overly complicated and do not give full power to the customer.

      My two cents
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