First Sales Funnel - Lack of Products!

by ShaunQ
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I have read lots about building a list and decided that I wanted to create my own product. Its coming along nicely and it made me think about the sales funnel and email marketing.

I am now dedicated to my own product creation, and am not willing to sell anyone elses to my list / on my blog. But this creates a problem when I only have one product to begin

On the thankyou page after an opt-in, this is a great place to advertise my ebook. I am confused about the next steps. I think it will be fine to plug it in my email campaign to those who didn't buy the book.

However, I am unsure where to take my funnel next as I don't have a higher priced product (for those that buy) or a lower priced one (for those who don't). Not much of a funnel!

Similarly I know that a buyers list is far more important than a freebie seeker one. But once I have compiled my buyers list I have nothing to plug to them initially, as they have bought my product already!

Hopefully this will only be a short term problem! I don't want to delay the launch but is it worth doing so whilst I develop further products to make sure my buyers list doesn't go stale?
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    You need to build them onto other versions of your product. Make your first ebook something that is required for their purpose, but make some additional information that is needed even more.
    My brother is a therapist and has volumes of ebooks on his niche and uses a list to up date his customers on his next volume while he sends newsletters on small simple insights on further advice he can give them.
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    Another great strategy you can do is turn your eBook in a video course.

    People now a days enjoy watching videos more than they do reading. So for an upscale have the same eBook - but in video format.
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    Just create your main product and GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Make some freaking money, dont worry about your funnel. You are just wasting time. You will be wasting a good week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks trying to build your funnel making no money.

    While the meantime you could just hit GO with what you got while still building your funnel. Once you got your other stuff just plug it into the system. And you can just segment your list to sell to the guys who you didnt get to at first. Now you will have less "funnel sales" from that segment. But you make up for it by having made money and not wasted 3 weeks not doing anything waiting to build your funnel.

    People stop making things so complicated
    Dont go into IM niche just because...Go into niches that you yourself love and are passionate about and IM to them

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      Just create your main product and GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

      While the meantime you could just hit GO with what you got while still building your funnel. Once you got your other stuff just plug it into the system.

      People stop making things so complicated
      Thanks God for this post. It's spot on the money.

      Newbies: stop making things complicated. Stop trying to launch a mint-perfect funnel from the very beginning. Don't waste time. Launch with your ebook and start driving traffic to it, and from there simply add up stuff to your sales funnel as you expand.

      Dont hold yourself back with an endless planning. Just get going with the bare minimum, and expand as you go, just like any other business does.
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    I agree with Kevin, that you should just start selling your product right now.

    Then after someone buys you can put them onto your buyers list, and then a week or so down the road you send your buyers list an email with a survey that asks them what they thought about your product, what could you improve on it, or what answers were they hoping to have answered that your product didn't answer.

    The answer to those things will tell you what your next product should be.

    Then, because you have already started, you can use the money you made with your first product, and reinvest it either into outsourcing the creation of your second product, or buying traffic that you will send to your first product and this new product.
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