I Need Video Editing Software Suggestions..Thanks

by npaige
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hi all -

i am just getting my blog, brand, and everything else up n running.
i work on a pc.
mostly i will be doing short videos of myself talking as well as demo'ing health-related activities.... not on the computer screen.

what do you suggest for editing the videos?

thanks much,
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    On the PC the best one is Techsmiths Camtasia Studio although its a little pricy.

    Software for screen recording and video editing

    They have a month long, fully functioning Demo.

    If i can help any further let me know.

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    Originally Posted by Coolstro View Post

    check out my free video series helps with the whole process, creating, editing http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-...marketing.html
    thanks... i'll check it out!
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    If you are running Windows Nicole, Windows Movie Maker will do just fine, and if you have MS Lifecam you can hook this into Windows Live Movie Maker and use it to record your head and shoulders.
    You will find the prog in your main menu

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    I'll second Camtasia if you have some cash to invest. Easy to use and you can make some pretty incredible looking videos in no time.
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    Camtasia is the best, but if you can't afford it right now, try windows movie maker or cam studio. Both options are free.
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    Hi Nicole

    Windows MovieMaker , and Camstudio are some great Free options, but if you want something with more depth

    check out
    Sony Vegas
    Cyberlink Power Director
    Adobe Premiere
    If you have a MAC check out Final Cut Pro

    Hope this helps!
    How Can I help...
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    Adobe Premiere is what I used to use back in the days along with FCP, used them both interchangeably because FCP used to be horrible for titles and effects. Nowadays the playing field is more even and they have both evolved. They will be around for a long time so it you're looking to invest a lot of time into learning a system... you can't go wrong with either one of them.
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  • Here's a list of various video editing tools and software - Video Creation & Sharing. See if any of those meet your needs.
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      cam studio & camtasia have a large price difference - free to $300!

      can someone point out the benefits of the paid version?

      thanks much,
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    I use Sony Vegas, but Windows Movie Maker is a good place to start if you don't need too much power. Better to learn the ropes of a free editor before spending cash on a professional one.
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    Go with Windows Movie Maker. It will be able to do a majority of things that you'd like and it's extremely easy to use. If you can use Microsoft Office tools, you should be able to make your way through Windows Movie Maker easily. A lot of the videos you see on YouTube are created/edited with just Windows Movie Maker. When it comes to software, I always advise people to try free versions first, and if you're not able to do everything you need, then try a paid source.
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    It depends on what you are doing. Sony Vegas Movie Studio is awesome for editing.
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