Are you only thinking of you?

by TimK06
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I have a question that basically just came from scrolling through forums and blogs. Are you only thinking of your pockets?

Are you looking at your list as a walking, talking, $? Or are you actually looking to provide answers to people who need questions answered?

Sadly, most people can only think about themselves Rather than help their fellow man they'd rather con and deliver unrealistic value. Surely enough, normally these are the people that normally never become successful.

One of the most rewarding things you can hope to become is a man of value. Your success shouldn't be determined by $ it should be determined by how many people you can help daily.

Hasn't the economic condition of the world taught us anything? You could be doing well financially today and tomorrow selling all your valuables to stay a float.

So I guess my plea is for all the IM'ers out there before you pitch your next big sale or lure someone to your page is to think how will this product and/or gift effect the person on the receiving end's life.

Kind Regards

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