I Miss the good ole days of the Grizzly Bear.......

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Yeah, 4 or 5 years ago when I first started IM, I came upon a make money online for beginners blog. The owner was a man named Grizzly Bear.

You all knew him.

For a number of years, his blogs netted him well over $25k per month solely based on Adsense .

His 'make money online for beginners' blog was his flagship blog. I estimated he made over $70K a year with just that one blog from Adsense alone.

I loved reading it but one thing always puzzled me. Why did this Grizz talk about how to game Google and get search traffic. He really did !

In fact, I specifically remember a Post where he scraped content from another Blog and used it as his own material to test and prove that you could outrank original material if you had a higher PR and more back links. Which incidentally he had in the tens of thousands!

It befuddled me. Search is still great but it is contrary to what was Grizzly's mantra
( which was stay away from social traffic because it was a bunch of useless tire kickers, ONLY stick to Search Traffic as it was King)

He made fun of Darren Rowse and ridiculed him on a continuous basis, saying his posts were useless and that he would never sustain any real success.

Well, I guess Darren is having the last laugh. ( as gizzly's blog(s) got annihilated by Google and others a while back)

Ahh, those were the good ole days of slapping up Adsense and seeing the bucks roll in.

Long live the Grizz as he climbs back in his cave for a long, long hibernation !

It is funny how the Internet can seemingly change in the blink of of an eye.

We miss you ole buddy.
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    Did he shut the blog down? I never stumbled across it and would like to check it out. But ya you're right, oh how things have changed since 5 years ago, and will continuously change every few years, right as you feel like you're on track
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    Originally Posted by discrat View Post

    It is funny how the Internet can seemingly change in the blink of of an eye.
    As can life.. One accident, one day at the doctor, etc.
    But yes, things have changed a bit online, for the better I would like to think.

    The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. – Vince Lambardi

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    Very true, previously without thinking of anything else, just had multiple blogs and sites with adsense and all I use to do is to drive traffic to my site and in 2005-2008 had done simple SEO work to drive traffic and use to count money by the click. now :confused: as some month it gives a good flow and the others non. Really with in the last 8 years looking at the IM world it has changed in such a way that one single income can be very dangerous. Cann't remember where I read it but " Allen told in one of his blog post that we should think of other earning sources rather than just creating backlinks and traffic. Anyway, time has come to really explore :

    1) Online Marketing + 2) Offline +

    Nice post
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    Ah yes, Grizz,

    A true superstar blackbelt SEO ninja

    I believe he became a victim of his own success and suddenly realized he had created a monster, by design or otherwise.

    Not to mention his good friend the BH maestro Vic F.

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    I remember when adsense first started and automated scraping/site building raged like a wild fire. Some people were making 50k or more per month. Not to really criticize what people do with their money, but it was a common perception that the party would last forever.

    Given that, many people amped-up their lifestyle. Big houses, expensive cars, and the rest rather than taking a more conservative approach to business and life.

    Not trying to be a Monday morning quarterback. But just imagine re-investing and diversifying in business with that kind of income.

    One thing the net and doing business on it has shown us all is the real danger of depending on one source for anything. Whether it's traffic or a way to promote affiliate offers or our own products and services.

    It's a high-risk endeavor to rely on any one source for anything.
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      I agree. Matter of fact I seem to remember a post or two where he scoffed a bit if someone mentioned "putting all your eggs in one basket".

      Nonetheless, I used to make a nice piece of change from Adsense , not even close to what he made, but needless to say most of my sites took a deep dive, as well as the income. Yes, it sure use to be easy throwing up a niche site and throw a bunch of links at it. Doing things now isn't that much tougher when creating a new site, just have to pay closer attention to what you are doing, but it sure has been work getting the older sites back into business, but that hasn't been my main objective either as other projects are more important.

      Again, couldn't agree more about relying on one source, especially if it's Adsense, for many reasons.
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        Yeah, I learned that all this we talk about on this Thread is really not that hard. (Too bad Grizz could not recognize and embrace it)

        It comes down to this : We just have to listen to what Google wants and listen with your own intuition and see with your own EYES to what is working (and not working) and trending on the Internet .

        One year may be different than the previous ,and we as Marketers on the Internet need to adapt to that change whatever it may be and capitalize off of it !

        Sure, I would had loved to be just Slapping Adsense ads on my Sites and relaxing in the Bahamas with Passive Income rolling in for the next 20 years.

        But it ain't going to happen, folks !

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    Griz was (or still is) the real deal. I loved his content, and didn't care about exposing the "gurus" secrets.

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    I think the bear had earned enough money and go into retirement now hehehe
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    He started another similar blog on a .ca if I remember correctly.

    Haven't visited it for quite sometime.
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    Do you guys know any of his website? He was my hero on those days... 4-5 years ago...
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