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I have been farting around with internet marketing for the past few years, and I have been selling ebooks on kdp for two years, and doing it quite successfully for not attending to it. Anyways, I am loking to diversify my income and increase my opportunities, but I want some advice on the situation. What is the difference between kdp and my own site? I understand the whole closed web vs wide open web and seo, but in regards to other things, is there anyting I should keep in mind as far as any major differwnces between the two? Or should the same principles I used with kdp apply to the regular web for the most part? Thanks
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    Can you kindly explain what KDP is?

    Also, what platform are you planning to transition to?

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      I am sorry for not stating that. I am currently using Kindle Direct Program to sell books on Kindle. What I am trying to do is shift more toward selling books (mostly pdfs) on sale pages. I am currently at number 2 for my respective keyword, and am getting at least 15-20 views per day. The only problem is now getting sales, and I am wondering if I am missing anything, if it is the audience, or if I am just unlucky. My genre is Aspergers, and I am trying to just sell that book. When I was on Kindle, I was selling around 50 books, and making a nice killing each month (but those books were different genres than the one I am going into). I am just kind of confused. I don't want to keep checking my tradebit account, but I continue to do so, and no sales.

      I have only had it up since the 29th of October, so I don't want to jump the gun. But I am just thinking and wondering when I should check back with it? (What I mean by check back with it is leave it for a certain time and come back). So I am just wondering about whether to leave it and see how it does, or to tweak it.

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    Sorry dude. I am not experienced in this matter. I visited this thread thought that you have got some information.
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