I need motovation! How hard will it be to earn $167 per day?

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I need motivation! How hard will it be to earn $167 per day? Who here makes $167 a day .... How many hours per week do you work?

I have made over $250US already in IM but lets face it $250 don't pay the bills!

I need to get to the next level!
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    Out of curiosity, why $167?

    Motivation is important, no doubt about that. However, even with motivation you will not get anywhere without a plan. How do you plan to make $167 a day? The first thing you need is a plan of attack. Do you intend to make money through Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, product creation or all of the above?

    That's the first step. Then you need to specify your plan. What steps are you going to take to reach your goal.

    Make the next step in your plan something you need to make an effort to reach, but not something that is currently unachievable. Do that for each step on your way to $167 a day.
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      i'm guessing the $167 a day is to get yourself to $5000 a month.

      I agree with ProductCreator here, one of the best forms of motivation is fear itself. Knowing that if you don't achieve a certain level of income from your business, this will have an adverse/knock-on effect.

      I think as well, when you are fairly new to IM, procrastination can come about because of a number of different factors, but the main reason noobs don't take action is fear that they may not be good enough or that they can't do certain things...and once you start to hesitate or have this negative mindset, this will effect your results.

      I still have articles, blogs, websites plastered all over the net and when i read some of my older work, it kind of makes me laugh. I was always in sales mode rather than actually trying to provide something of use, but the thing was i kept going and as eventually my content and way of thinking improved..(i still have a long way to go!).

      i think you need to give us an idea of what you did to produce the $250. Also look upon that as a success. Did you rinse and repeat the method that got you to $250? What did you learn from that? What will you have to do differently or even the same next time around?
      "There is no fixed teaching. All I can provide is an appropriate medicine for a particular ailment" - Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do (on Zen)
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    Honestly, I just looked at your site from your other post, and I think you can do it!

    $167 is about 3 sales a day of your product, right? So, that is totally doable....

    Some, advice...JV - JV - JV! Get other people to make the sales for you!

    So, if you are outgoing, and like talking to people, it should be a snap :-)


    "If you're willing to do for a year what others won't, you can do for a lifetime what others CAN'T!"
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    Obviously, motivation is different for every one. Actually while fear can work, it doesn't seem to work well for most people, other wise there would'nt be so many people still broke, losing their cars or homes, ect. You'd think it would be the best motivator around. Sure hasn't worked for me in the past. Course just my opinion.

    What about simple things like having a to-do list and setting obtainable goals? Not exactly motivation per say, but does help get the work done that makes the money
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    Thanks everyone,

    affilcrazy is right $5000/m is the goal so I know for sure I can quit my job. I am selling the product in my sig. I believe press releases got me those sales to earn me $250 but I cant keep doing press releases every week. I have 10 articles already typed and spun and am about to begin article marketing. I hope this will help. I am also going to start posting on bartending forums. I also have contacted a owner of a bartender site that gets 20k hits a month and he agreed to test some ads on his site and he agreeded to a 50/50 spit of $57. I am hoping these things will help.

    hebsgaard I rather do product creation and market things myself with help of JV. Then promote affiliate products to sell through a blog as a backup means of making money or something to fall back on if my products stop selling and need to sell other peoples products to hold me over till I create a new products.

    reyna2790 Thanks for the advice, however I already am using odesk and elance to outsource work. My goals are based on the 4-hour work week book by Tim Ferriss. My goals are to create products and automate sources of income generation while working as little hours as I can. I know I will have to work more than 4 hours a week though (I will not be a clock watcher If I can work from home 8 hours a day on the internet it will still make me more happy then keeping my day job at the office.)

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      Lack of motivation, even in the face of fear, is often related to depression. I can say that, because this is my problem. It's not a deep depression, but enough that even the reality that I could lose my home in 6 months if I don't make drastic changes doesn't seem to make much difference.

      Depression can be triggered by constant lack of success, despite your efforts. Once you get beyond this failure wall, any mild depression and lack of motivation will lift rapidly.

      One great way to move in that direction is to figure out exactly what you need each day to make it happen. So if you want to reach $5000 a month income, break it down into days... what you'll sell at what price and how many sales it will take each and every day.

      Next, create a lengthy list of all the things you could do that will bring sales. So, you won't waste time checking emails, visiting the WF (), messing with your web site, cleaning up your computer files, looking at other products that can help you, or anything else that is not about making money.

      Your list will include:
      • finding JV partners
      • Contacting JV partners
      • inviting affiliates
      • direct promotions (articles submissions & link exchanges with related sites, PPC (if that's what you do), looking for outlets to get the word out, etc.
      • listing your offer on various affiliate networks
      • sending viral products around the internet with links to your offer
      • finding places to put those viral products, free ads, and everything else
      • figuring out where your market hangs out and go there
      • promote in newsletters and other products that your market sees on a regular basis
      As you make a bit more money every week, your motivation will start to kick in. The more you make, the more motivated you will become. Once that happens, just continue doing all the things that work to keep that motivation going.

      Of course, your motivation will always be in jeopardy if you don't like the business you've chosen. So make sure you actually enjoy what you're doing.

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    That is quite a challenging motivation you need. But I think that you are already on the right track. You just need to pick that pieces and form something that works for you. You have the strategy because you are able to earn $250, that isn't much but it is a good way to start. Good luck!
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