Which email optin incentive works best?

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Hi everyone. Have a question re: what type of optin incentives are working for you?

Am starting a new (hopefully) authority site in the "look and feel younger" niche aimed at women post 50. Lots of advice/ tips on a) skin and hair care, b) exercise and nurtition. Question is am debating which way to go re: optin incentive.

My choices are four--

1) complete pdf of a Kindle book just wrote for the site,

2) ten tips mini version of the Kindle book,

3) ten tips e-course based on book delivered daily,

4) no incentive--just optin box on sidebar that says "sign up to get latest advice" or something like that.

Rationale behind #4 -- is that there are "content hoarders" that optin just to get the contengt then will unsubscribe.

I want to build a long -term relatioship with my list, and would only try last one if I could manage to launch the site with lots of great content on it.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Take a look at the appeals that are used to effectively
    sell magazines to your target market...

    E.g. Look at the bullet points on Women's magazine
    covers in your area:

    Women's Magazines Discounts & Deals | Magazines.com (no affil.)

    This should give you some great ideas on what your
    market wants.

    If you've already got an ebook created, then maybe
    extract some information out of it, place in in a PDF
    and/or ecourse with the aim of selling your ebook.

    That way, you can turn some new subscribers into
    buyers relatively quickly.

    Dedicated to mutual success,



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      Thanks Shaun..great info, just not sure which of the 4 choices I should go for...thanks..

      "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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        Vet useful post actually. My opt in as well offer freebies but I do sometimes make personal email to my clients and not just a new letter. Even if it is a one line email to my customer, I do that and sometimes depending on their Q&A; I offer personalized advice for couple of session.

        Kind regards,
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          I agree with Shaun, do a quick bit of research into the niche to identify what topic(s) are the hottest right now because the short answer to your question is this: the incentive that will work best is the one that is the most valuable to your prospects.

          Besides searching topics in magazines,

          - Do a keyword search to see which sub-topics in your niche come up most often in the searches

          - Check out Amazon books and Kindle by searching in their topic "tree" to see which sub-topics have the largest number of books, most best-sellers, most popular, etc

          - Check Google trends for sub-niches that are currently hot and growing

          - Check the top Internet sites (authority sites) for your main keyword (SERPs) and see what their latest content is about

          - Go to Nextmark and search their mailing list finder (also a great source for leads in the niche)

          - Do a poll (Survey Monkey) of 500 or 1,000 very targeted PPC leads to see what topics they are most interested in

          A little research ahead of time will not only make your freebie more valuable to your audience, it will help you as you proceed with developing ideas for your products and web site content. Of course, the results of this kind of research can change over time so once you have a representative number of site subscribers you should poll them occasionally to make sure you're giving them what they want most.

          Good luck with your new project,


          Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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            Thanks very much for this valuable help Steve--priceless resources here! I will certainly do this research as you describe..Tom

            "Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about." ~ Benjamin Franklin

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    Of the 4 you listed, I think you should go with #1. That's the one I would want and as a rule of thumb, without data, I usually assume my target readers would want the same thing I do.

    If you're looking for something that will get you more opt-ins, free presentations and videos have worked better for me than offering written content.
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