How do you come up with compelling eBook titles?

by ckbank
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Do you use any tricks or do you just brainstorm for hours and hours and hours?
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    What I would do is look at a WSO or Magazine title and see which one catches my own attention. Also ask yourself would you click on it.
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    Funny! And hours, and hours and hours . . . no, just kidding.

    I like to start with great headline starters and move on from there. Remember to make a title somewhat shorter than a headline but try to make it results driven as well. If I'm feeling really creative I really try to marry the title of the ebook closely to the headline on the sales page. Of course, after testing the headline that can really change!
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    Your e-book title should not only be eye-catching but also emotionally-striking. Do you notice those Facebook posts that target people's emotions? Because they target emotions, they can make people share or like that post. That's what we do to our e-book orders, too.
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    Great Question!

    I've found that the best title is the one that strikes a chord with my market.

    So rather than sitting down in solitude and brainstorming for hours and hours, and yet more hours, find out what your market's wants, desires and frustrations are.

    Then incorporate those into the title. Those phrases that poke at your market's pain points, those are the ones that really work.

    For instance, if you were targeting university students, I suspect from experience that if you wrote a book called "The 3 Step Method for Easily Passing ANY Exam" that would really get them.

    I don't know if that book exists or not but the point is to know what your market really wants. University students want to pass their exams. Many fear exams. And I'm telling them they can pass ANY exam...Easily?

    See what I mean. So research your markets and use your findings to craft potent ebook titles.

    Hope this helps

    P.S. If you were my target market my ebook title could be "How to Create Compelling Ebook Titles...Fast!"
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    For non-fiction - I usually mind discussion forums for popular threads around the topic - I comb through the threads and find the few words or phrases that leap out at me as being the best way to describe the challenge or desire...then I combine that with a BIG promise - works very well.

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      I usually go with a mix between a search engine optimized title and a catchy title for my Ebooks. It obviously depends on your niche and your target audience, but a balance between these 2 things usually brings me the most return. Here is the link to the section of my ecourse that talks specifically about how to come up with titles: How To Come Up With Killer Titles
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    Magazine ads are good for modeling your title after it. But, I also use a rule of thumb, If I was to see the title somewhere else, would it cause me to click, would it cause curiosity for me to check it out, if not - I won't use it.
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    The big benefit from your ebook. Shorten but precise
    Try to list as much as you can , and should the best.
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    1) Go to forums in your niche and see which threads are getting the most views

    these can be good examples of titles because if they are getting a lot of views they are getting poeple's attention and getting them to click

    2) Check out other ebook titles and the ones that make you click put them in your swipe file

    3) check out book titles at your local book store of books in your niche for headline/title ideas

    3) Check out magazine articles, and headlines to ideas
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    Google for a similar title and you can change a bit to it and you'll have a new title.
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    I check on article directory sites for inspiration and improve whatever I come across from there. Swipe files are another source of inspiration, so check them often.

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    Find what is already selling and use it to come up with ideas. Why reinvent the wheel?
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    A brainstorm is definitely the best way of getting the best ideas, no matter what you actually need. If it seems too difficult for you, do this with some friends. You may be surprised by the result.
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      And of course for non fiction books it helps to make titles keyword rich. Because those are the words being searched in Amazon.

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