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My site is going to be in the hockey niche, since it's my first website how would someone recommend I go about this? Have a wordpress blog with a lot of articles or a squeeze page and write an E-Book and send it to them?
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    I would buy a domain with a search that has at least 1,000 local exact searches per month in the Adwords tool.

    I'm the host of a show at http://mikefrommaine.com

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    Yep I got that taken care of. The niche has 135,000 searches per month. But that wasn't my question. Thanks for your reply though!
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    It really up to you want you do with your site if you want to write loads of articles on the subject because you like writing or would you want to write your ebook once and let your autoresponder send them the ebook everytime someone optin. I have to say it just down to how active you want to be.
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    I'll try the blog I guess..
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      Originally Posted by TheRussian View Post

      I'll try the blog I guess..
      That's good.
      Having both is also good. Maybe after your blog running for some time, and there are visitors you can start making free eBooks and share it on squeeze page to build a list.

      Don't worry be happy!

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  • TheRussian,

    If your goal is just to build a list the squeeze page would be enough. If you are shooting for some longevity, I would build your site out and make it a place where people come for useful content. You can always make another page too that is aside from the main site and drive traffic there when you want with PPC.

    This post talks about having both,

    Blogs Vs. Squeeze Pages And Why You Need Both!

    Goog luck!

    Outsource to the experts...

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    Its better to take a WordPress blog and optimize it properly. you can add 4/5 high quality articles and then you can start doing SEO for your site. Squeeze page is also good. but you should run a blog then link it to squeeze page that's the best option I think.
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      A squeeze page is good for building a list and building a list is very important. WordPress is the way to go. For the rest it all depends on how you want to run your online business. Good luck - sounds like you are off to a good start.
      My Internet Marketing Blog - Warts And All!
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    Do you want to offer a service to your visitors, if so you need to write some article about your service first, then you have to go for traffic. If your traffic come to a empty site that will not be a good idea...
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    Thanks for everyones input, you're all very helpful! I've only learned about IM about a little over a week ago and I read that the best way to learn in IM is to stop reading constantly and actually do something, wish me luck!
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