CLICKBANK affiliate vs vendor?

by ct1054
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Hi i am new to clickbank, been doing some reading and am very interested in using it. I understand that you can sell your own product or promote someone else's and make a commision from doing so. I have read the best way to sell is by building a customer base that you can market other products to. I have written an ebook on the topic of becoming a wholesaler. My question is, should i create a squeeze page and offer this for free to build up a customer email list so i can sell other peoples products or actually put it on the market to sell for a profit? Any information is greatly appreciated.
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    This is a loaded question since there isn't enough information to make a determination what is best for you to do in this situation. A better approach to this would be determining what it is you are wanting to achieve. Is it more important for you to build a customer/fan base who you can sell to later down the road (regardless if it is another one of your products, or that of another vendor as an affiliate)? Using a lead capture page is the best way to build a list of potential buyers. The big question is what do you have to offer that is valuable enough for them to want to give you their email address and name? You don't have to give them the farm, but it helps when you let them sample the bacon.
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    If you want to jump right into selling your book on Clickbank, you can integrate your auto responder with your Clickbank account, so every person that buys your book will be added to your mailing list so you can continue to build a relationship and market to them in the future.
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    As a newbie i will recommend to use aff products. Market them if they do well, then you can create your own products.

    Hope this helps.

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      You can post am ad in the Affiliate Directory section. Affiliate Program Database

      Originally Posted by wAVe777 View Post

      We are a new vendor who has a new product ready and live on Clickbank Powered Platform,

      and We want to let all affiliate in all the relevant niches know about our clickbank

      product, and ask them to promote this product and get paid by clickbank.
      What is the best way to let affiliate know about our new website/product quickly ?

      Is this the best place to post this question on this forum ? please guide us where to post

      this question on this forum, as well as helping us informing affiliates!

      Thank you very much,
      best regards
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    This has been discussed to death. Overall the top vendors make a lot more money than the top affiliates, although it's possible to make millions by being either a vendor or an affiliate.
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