Is there an Adult Traffic Guru Coach Out there?

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Hello fellow warriors,

Does anyone happen to know an Adult Traffic Guru Coach on this forum?

Someone who specializes in adult traffic and promoting products via Adult Traffic. But someone who does very well out of it.

I am looking for a coach in this field.

Also if you know of any good WSOs or products in this field I'd love to see some recommendations. I've been struggling to find any.

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    Perhaps warrior Brad G. (don't quite remember his handle)
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      Whole other ballgame out there... good luck! PM me and I can tell you where to look for info.
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    Might wanna contact Jenna Jameson and Nina Hartley directly for coaching lol.
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    I hate post negative comments, but that market is so saturated, terrible conversions and there is SO much free content given away (video sites alone), that it's tough to make sales. Why buy it when you can get it for free.

    Not saying some savvy marketers couldn't cash in, but it's a going to be quite difficult.

    Last I saw most people where trying to sell their adult sites.
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      Look for mainstream services that aren't present or are just done very badly in adult. Then open an adult version. You will make bank. I used to do this with a particular service.

      There is much less competence and a lot more unprofessionalism in adult so if you have a tight game, its soooo easy to compete.
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