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Hi there, I currently have a really embarassing store running with Zencart I am after a bit of guidance as it is long over due for an overhaul.

I am wanting to expand on the store and after many requests have decided to run a community website (membership) and also a store. I've been sniffing around heaps on the net and in the WarriorForum reading suggestions in various areas and think I've got a good idea what to put together. There will be chats, photos, videos, blog. However your knowledge and expertise will put my mind at ease so here goes.

To have the membership site running with Wordpress S2Member PlugIn and the Store running with Magento so long as they look the same when people jump between the two or close enough.

Your feedback and input would be appreciated and valued highly.


Victoria Hickman
Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia
#desired #expert #input

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