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I have a question, since penguin will penalize web page that keyword stuffing with the targeted keyword and most SEO expert say the keyword density should stay in 1% to 1.5%, it is easy to control the keyword density for an article post, but if you have an authority site with 100s of post and many of these post were listed on the index page, then how to control the keyword density of the index page?

for example, our keyword is : dogs training

on the index, you have a list of features post, and it is normal that each post talking about dogs or dog's training.

it is normal for the keyword appear on each post title and description, but when each of them show on the index page, then it become overloaded. how to solve this?
  • the best dog training tips to train your puppy
  • all you need to know about your dog, and the daily ...
  • bla ... bla... bla ... best training for your dog... bla ... bla... bla
  • bla... train your dog...bla ..bla..bla
  • more pets training post
you might also have pages that contain the keywords, and for an authority site, it is normal that the pages will showcase on the index.

  • dog training community pages
  • training workout...
  • bla ... bla... bla ... dog's daily practice... bla ... bla... bla pages here
  • bla... training your dog...bla ..bla..bla page here
  • more dog's training related pages.....
and we will have some tag cloud on the index page too

Dog training Pets supply Dogs food bla bla bla train bla bla bla training Dog love Pets supply puppy food training Manual bla bla bla dogs bla bla bla training

Plus the categories will normally contain the keyword as well, unless you are setting off topic categories:

Dogs Training Tips | train your dog bootcamp | Puppy pictures | dogs training blog | dogs owner social community

the index page is now full of the keywords, but this is not finish...
Finally we have the keyword in metatag, meta title, meta keywords, and also all in one seo...
(it is normal to put the keyword in meta, if you don't do it, google will not know what is your site about)

if over optimizing keyword will get penalize, then how can an authority site rank for the main keyword term for their index page?

If we want to control the keyword density below 2%, then we will have to make sure each post and the description do not contain the keyword. for me, this is not logic at all...

what do you see?

let me show an example:
this is an Authority site and the keyword is "kitchen cabinet", see the highlighted keyword, it was repeating many times on the page, but it is not because of keyword stuffing.

it is due to the post title mention mention the keyword naturally and the category is highly related to the search term.

If we avoid mentioning the keyword term for each post and avoiding the keyword in category and other, then the site will become out of topic.

do you have any advice on this?

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