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by inxie
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Hey Warriors,

I watched a 20 minute video about, tried to sign up and realized im too late! Anyway, searching this forum for alternatives I quickly came to the conclusion that there is no real alternative.

I do have a couple questions however:

1) Should you have any friends/followers/fans on these social accounts to use these kinds of services?

2) Is it worth submitting manually?

3) Are there any paid versions worth investing in, I keep hearing onlyWire is okay?
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    The Manual submission is definitely better for getting results.

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    It seems many good & free websites turned down with reason of global economic recession.
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    I personally use and Pingler they are both great and pingler will ping your site to over 80 different search engine. As for social bookmarking I used a one time cost software called social bot, just Google it it's easy to setup and use. There are many other one's out there but the one's I mentioned above will help dramatically with rankings and traffic.

    Hope this helps
    Cheers Mark Wightley
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    Hi Inxie!

    Yes. You must definitely build your network. But you can start even without friends. But always take note the word "social". It's all about communicating to your network encouraging them to respond to your posts and using your post as a referral link.

    If you are searching for a cool and effective service, onlywire is the best that I could think of. You can easily track your post and log in manually to each social site.

    Free Twitter Drip-Feed Tool Saves Time, Increases Market Awareness and Drives Traffic. Grab Your Free Account Today:

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      Thanks for the replies, good stuff

      Just curious as to how someone could have so many social network accounts with a good number of friends on EVERY one, do you just add random people?
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    ping fm has been move to seesmic, have you already try pixelpipe?

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  • Take a look at - It's real easy to submit bookmarks to different social sites once you're set up. Abbs adds new social connections and updates the software on a regular basis, and responds quickly to queries. Very happy with the product.

    It actually incorporates
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      Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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        Originally Posted by LilBlackDress View Post

        Hootsuite is great too. I used to like using pumping RSS feeds through in Hootsuite.

        It was a nice way to get out your posts and content. By publishing your blog post ONCE, you would be distributing it in dozens of places at once - as well as Tweeting it on several accounts.

        Of course, if you cultivated all those social accounts and pumped up the following, you could get your post in front of hundreds with one click. Talk about leverage
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