Any tools to collect those related keywords?

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Hi all,

I have searched over the internet, this forum and some other IM forums but does not seem to find any keyword tool that gather and collect those related keywords appear at the bottom of google search result.

I mean a lot of search engines display the "related searches" at the bottom of the result page. Do anyone know of any tool to scrape those keywords automatically and recursively down to several level?

I have found that many keyword tools are only scraping keywords from google suggestion but not from related seaches.

Appreciate if anyone can suggest a good keyword tool to do that.
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    Use google adwords tool

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    yes google adwords tool does what you are looking for. Spend a bit time on the tool to maximise the benefits you can get from it
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    Hi there, My suggestion would be to use the Google Keyword tool and when you do on the left hand side of the page select exact match and phrase match. I find this option will give you a more exact keyword ideas to use.
    There is another tool that you can get that I find works well a second backup to the google keyword tool and that software is called SEO spyglass I believe it's free to use with limited functions but none the less it's still a great tool.
    I hope this helps
    Mark Wightley
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    wow... Thanks so much for your all great help. I didn't notice that now Google keyword tool will extract those related searches too... Just went in and saw the last column "extracted from webpage".
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    I agree with the rest, Google Keyword tool is capable of doing what exactly you needed done. I also recommend SpyFu.

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      Originally Posted by YasirYar View Post

      I agree with the rest, Google Keyword tool is capable of doing what exactly you needed done. I also recommend SpyFu.
      Just hear it, thanks for recommending.

      Don't worry be happy!

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    I also recommend you try Google Adword Tool. Traffic Travis is also a good combination tool with Adwords.
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    I am also using Google Adword tool and Traffic Travis its a good combination for me!
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    Are you not aware of is the one you are looking for,

    This will show you the related searches and not based on Google.

    I hope your search ends here, as far as your question is concerned in this thread.
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