Is a 4 letter .com domain ( a good investment?

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I wanted you opinion on this topic.. After seeing the sky rocketing prices of any combination 3 letter .com domains, do you think it is wise to invest in 4 letter .com domains?

I know certain patterns like CVCV are good but they are quite expensive also, I am thinking to buy cheaper 4 letter .com domains.

Do you think its wise to invest at this point? also any advises or tips for buying such domains?

Thanks in advance
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    I have a friend who went crazy about 5 years ago buying four letter dot com domains. His idea was to hold them for a few years, sell them all, and retire rich. He owned over a hundred domains, paying over a hundred dollars each for several of them.

    He still owns all of them but two that he sold for a very slight profit.

    He told me he wished he had the money back that he spent on all his purchases.

    What many domain squatters fail to consider, like my friend, is that the investment in each domain goes up every year it has to be renewed. So for a domain you invest $10 in right now, in five years your investment will take $50 just to break even.


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    It told almost 25 years for 3 letter domain to reach the current state ... I believe 4 letter domains will also appreciate, but maybe in another 10-20 years

    Ever notice that people who spend money on WSO, memberships and courses, are always complaining about being broke and not making any money ?

    They should have bought ASSETS instead.

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    If you can get one at minimal cost, they make great resources for your own "redirect" service, especially if you do a lot of Twitter-type marketing, where every character counts.

    As far as 4 letter domains for big profit, they really should be a "pronounceable word".
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    Domain selling is a "lucky" business. First you think, buy and then pray somebody who's willing to pay will just come across
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    if it is a brandable company name or organization name, you only sold one, you get the benefit
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  • Profile picture of the author BODH domains are now selling at better prices, best time to have some of these Gems, before months was selling for less than $30, now even crappy domains selling for $100+
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    Before I begin, there's a distinct difference between "domain squatting" and "domain investing," Steve. OP, in answer to your question: the value of 4-letter domains are indeed on the rise, as others have said. Obvious combinations aside, all of them are worth some form of investment. Your best bet is to hang out on and to get a feel for the current selling prices. You might also want to review past domain sales (plenty of sites exist for this) to gauge historical values. Try to secure a low price based on current values if you can.

    Cheers - Tom

    Edit: Just waking up here and noticed this thread was posted in 2012!

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    Unless you can get something extremely rare without paying a lot for it, you would probably be better off investing your money in building a business.

    I mean, if I could pick up something like for $10, I'd invest and assume I might need to hold it for 5-10 years. Random letter combinations are more about the luck of having a company desperately want it as an abbreviation, similar to how someone lucked out when Facebook decided they wanted
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    I think the only people who profited from this type of thing was back in the early days of the internet. People snatching up real world .com domains and holding onto them until someone decided to message them an offer that was crazy over the top.
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    Since there are 456,976 4 letter .coms in existence, I would say no they're not very valauble.

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    I have a 3 letter domain :-)
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      I have about a dozen, not all that good. I routinely receive offers in the $300 - $600 per domain for all of them (which I refuse).

      By the way, we should differentiate in these threads between squatting and owning a domain. Squatting is the bad faith intent to profit from somebody else's trademark. Simply being the first to register a particular good, average, or bad domain, isn't the same as squatting.
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