More and more videos, but I like reading texts

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I just passed a squeeze page which says it will let me watch a video if I subscribe, and maybe I will subscribe if it can offer a PDF report.

Videos are more and more popular, and many WSOs are video products, but I like to read texts and don't like watch videos.

There should be many people who are on the same boat with me.

I suggest WSO sellers (or sell at other places) provide PDF versions for their products too, and don't just provide the videos.
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    In term of selling, a video can transmit more informations like emotions, facial expression, Voice tonality. 79% of communication is non verbal.
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    I'm with u guys, I can read pretty fast and with pdf I can speed read, skim and re-read in a fast pace. I can also use the search function to find topics I need to learn more.

    With video, that would be so slow and waste of a lot of my valuable time.
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    I agree with JaRyCu. I can read faster than watching a video, and often think it is wasting time if it is a long video.

    So it should be better to provide the transcript as well.
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    Video has higher perceived value, and just looks and sounds cooler for your end customer. However, when you are learning yourself, reading text is way more efficient than sitting through slide after slide of powerpoint. That said, some things are just too hard to describe in words, for example, software demonstrations, so these are appropriate places to use video.

    Please read the forum rules.

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    I'm with you all who favor reading. I can't stand videos. I read very fast and it's way more efficient for me at least.

    I've noticed that (smarter) marketers are adding a transcription to their squeeze pages that have video only. I see a video and hit the little red x to leave. Then there's a popup to stay, so I usually click to stay and the transcription appears. So I stay and at least read it.
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    I agree, I prefer reading.
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    What I do is download the video and then watch it with WLC with the speed turned up to anywhere up to 3x the normal speed (depending on how slow the person speaks).

    This way I get to digest the information up to 3 times as fast and it is still intelligible

    Note: Do not use this technique to learn from Chip and Dale.
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    I was thinking about this the other day. I have bought quite a few video trainings and initially I was really happy with the products. The more videos the better. This has to do with the percieved value of the products. But thinking back, I don't think that I ever got through a whole video course. Even watching at 2x speed can be VERY time consuming.
    Now, I greatly prefer pdfs.
    Although ironically when videos are offered as well I still get a greater sense of value.
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    I think product owners should have it both ways.

    More work? Indeed it is. But it definitely attracts more people. IMHO
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