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Any YouTube bot out there??

How sellers at fiverr at offering 25K views in just $5?? Any ideas?
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    There are lots of views exchange websites where you get points for viewing other people's videos and exchange them for views on your video. Viewing other people's videos can be automated through browser extensions and some other software.
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    I think those people have alot of referals on those view exchange websites. Thats why they can sell such amounts of views.

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    Bots working with proxies to gain vewis aren't working anymore.
    You can't send more than 300 proxies/ "fake surfers"

    It will not be counted after
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    YouTube is easy to rank in, you just treat it like a blog with a mandatory need to upload a video in order to post. Your competition is a bunch of sleezebags and kids, take your pick, who don't know anything other than titles and thumbnails.

    Skip the bots and paying for views, and apply what you know about blogging to youtube, you will eventually replace all efforts of SEO on your own site for SEO on your youtube videos, they can never be google slapped, and they look better in search engines and rank easier - so youtube is the "new" way, when you apply what you used to/still apply to your sites.
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    They are probably using worthless mobile views. There's no need for bots to rank youtube videos.

    The best way to rank a video these days is by:
    - Optimizing your On-Page SEO (title, tags, description)
    - Get some high quality views (from people who will view the video to the end)
    - Use backlinks to boost the ranking even more.
    1500 Backlinks For Youtube Videos

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    I think if you use the search function here you will find what you are looking for.
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    Many of these viewing methods are generated through automated software and not genuine interested viewers. You may appear to have a popular video however, you will probably have very few visitors to your links.
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    If you are SMART, you would know that there are other FULLY HUMAN ways to get to 50K views than just using a bot. The good news is that it is quite obvious........
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    Why buy bots, if there are real people who are willing to help you to in this matter. Instead of searching things like that why not try joining some site where you can have the things what you want in orderly way. I suggest try keeko.com or other sites out there that offer the same service.
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