What was your first attempt at internet marketing?

by bsbear
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What was your first attempt at internet marketing and how did it go?
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    I do SEO as a first attempt at internet marketing. Of course moving well.
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    Started from blackhat (doorways etc.).
    Then tried CPA offers with relative success.
    Now have been having a consistent $4K+ income from backlinks selling, plus another income from SEO services.
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    eCommerce - I found success early on and haven't looked back.
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  • Campaign - through infolinks - bad experience NO sales at all (I redirected my ADs directly to click bank product pages.

    One question there - do you also sell click bank products directly (redirect to click bank product page) through PPC (I cannot believe that from 100 hops didn't make any single sale - even though the products were high converting?

    or you present offer on your page or in e-mail campaigns?
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    My first attempt at IM was selling services at fiverr.
    I did quite well for a first venture.
    Earned enough to invest in various other projects that's gotten me to where I am today.

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      Originally Posted by Izerman View Post

      My first attempt at IM was selling services at fiverr.
      I did quite well for a first venture.
      Earned enough to invest in various other projects that's gotten me to where I am today.

      Exactly this.

      Currently still doing Fiverr gigs though.
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      Originally Posted by Izerman View Post

      My first attempt at IM was selling services at fiverr.
      I did quite well for a first venture.
      Earned enough to invest in various other projects that's gotten me to where I am today.

      very good practical start !good luck
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        Attempt was trying to sell PLR in various niches via PPC. Didn't know what I was doing, saw a "guru" at the time supposedly making a ton of $$ doing it. Tried it, lost like $500 in about 5 days just trying to get a sale. This was when PPC was relatively easy too! I feel dumb whenever I think back to that
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          I signed up with SBI (SiteBuildIt!) and created a big content site about coffee tables. Yes...coffee tables. You'd be surprised at how many types of freakin' coffee tables there are. Anyway, it actually did well for a few years. I sold it for a decent profit.
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    First venture I gave away the farm Then I started charging for what I wrote and amazingly things turned around!
    Content, Video, Infographics in the lucrative relationship market

    Accurate, Researched and REFERENCED
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    My first attempt was back in 06. A friend of mine at the office showed me the picture and article about Shoemoney and his huge check from google adsense.

    So I started searching the net for ways to make money.
    The first thing I tried was some blackhat domain cloaking to C.J. products. I ended up buying about 500 or so domains and using software to build and promote them.

    I did this for about 2 months, after it was all said and done, I'd put in hundreds of hours of work and had only turned maybe a $400 or so profit, if even. And had nothing to show for it since all my domains were banned from google.

    Trying to game the system using blackhat stuff seems like a dog chasing it's tail. Lots of work and you get no where and have nothing to show for it.

    It wasn't until a year or so later that I started creating my own products that I had success. In the long run, it's a LOT better to create quality stuff that you can put your name on and stand behind than it is to always be trying for a quick buck.

    I was able to quit my day job and have been doing IM full-time since early '08. Pretty much living my dream of being my own boss, creating my own schedule and being able to make a living using my mind and creativity. To me, being an internet marketer is like being an artist.
    It's a dream come true and I thank God every day for the opportunity the internet provides.
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    I started doing SEO for very competitive keywords in various languages. Did pretty well until the most recent updates. Have adjusted and continue to getting my rankings back.
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    Read a classified in the Newspaper while I was doing a stint in London in 03 that said "How to make money selling information to certain groups of people". Will never forget that ad.

    Website was a salesletter for a recording of The System Seminar with a website loaded with master resell rights products as a bonus. I think it sold for $497.

    Bought it, watched the tapes, uploaded the website and realized I needed traffic.

    Bought an ad on the Clickbank log in page that advertised the products with resell rights and made $27,000 in 16 days.

    Was not all smooth sailing from there however, that was just luck, but sailing smooth for now :-)

    If you find my posts helpful, please go and LIKE my Facebook Fan Page located here Thank You!

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    The first time i finally got focused and actually got something done instead of buying offers after offers. I did a wso turned out pretty nice the first time around
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    Blackhat but was not profitable if we consider the time it took.
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    This goes way back. My first internet product was called "Internet Auctions, Striking It Rich in the 90's" a CD based training title with ebook style content and video. I sold that on eBay, Yahoo Auctions, Amazon Auctions. It did quite well and was what eventually lead to my How To Gurus line of video training titles. If I was going to try the same type of thing today I would do it as an eBook and sell it on Kindle.
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    setting up a dating site. I was quite nervous to get into IM but was good.
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  • Profile picture of the author David Braybrooke
    Advertising for other businesses on social media - made $100's, not a bad start.
    "The scientific theory I like best is that the rings of Saturn are composed entirely of lost airline luggage." - Mark Russell
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    I ran a site reviewing and giving details of all live poker venues in the UK during the poker "boom" period. It was actually pretty successful for the work I put into it. I even had people approaching me to buy ad space.

    But that was in 2006/7 when SEO and IM was an easier game. I now know more, try harder and I still feel like I'm swimming against the tide a bit with the way the game has changed. Don't get me wrong you can still be successful, it's just requires a lot more work!
    Follow Pete on Twitter #SEO #Marketing
    "It's like if Einstein did SEO"
    "Much shorter than Shakespeare"
    "I would follow Pete over Jesus Christ himself"
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    I purchased an eBook eCommerce store from eBay. Horrible mistake in choices at the time, but I learned cPanel and eCommerce from that site alone. Sold it and created a Link Bid Directory with a little success. About 25 websites later, I am finally making money online. I created a product, and now have my own website hosting business that the buyers of the product purchase. I've learned so much in 5 years as a hobby. Finally paying off.
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    It was many years ago.

    I've always been the biggest computer nerd, and spent much of my early life studying technology shall we say.

    Then, I learned about making money online. The only thing I love more than technology, is money. Of course, my entire focus changed.

    Do you know what the first real money maker on the Internet was? Really, it was adult content. Back then, the money was literally ripe for the taking for a computer nerd like me.

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    My uncle used to buy used japanese auto engines and transmissions from an importer (they have strict laws over there and you have to get a new engine after 30,000 miles iirc). He would resell them to local auto shops (including delivery) for $50 profit ea. as replacements for folks here in Amerika.

    After he built up some volume, he negotiated an additional $50 profit ea. from the wholesaler. Then he outsourced the delivery to me for $25 per. I got tired of lugging hundreds of pounds of steel around in my truck but I saw the wisdom in the model and took it to ebay.

    Found a supplier. Sold for a profit. Built up volume, confidently demanded a bigger cut, and they decided to stop supplying me.

    Then I discovered PPC and failed miserably for awhile. But that's another story ~
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    Believe it or not my first attempt to make money online was in the late 90s, and I was filling out surveys. Of course, did not net a cent.
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    Originally Posted by bsbear View Post

    What was your first attempt at internet marketing and how did it go?
    First attempt at IM I sold a niche product and got a sale after 2 months working online as a newbie and I did banners broker and earn $110 in 2 weeks! IM is treating me good so far
    Please do not use affiliate links again.
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    Originally Posted by bsbear View Post

    What was your first attempt at internet marketing and how did it go?

    Very, very, very
    badly indeed.

    I didn't earn anything from it for over 3 months.

    I had no idea what I was doing at all. I did just about everything wrong that you can do wrong. I was trying to promote ClickBank products by what I thought was "article marketing". But tried to do it by trying to use article directories for their own traffic, and their own backlinks, hoping to rank my little sites for long-tail keywords in order to attract SEO traffic and sell ClickBank products to them. Oops. :rolleyes:

    And just to make quite sure that I couldn't earn anything at all from it, I was also trying to sell high gravity products which had a vendor's opt-in on their sales pages. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    Not a success. To put it mildly. :p

    (I did a few more things wrong, as well, which I haven't even mentioned).

    But hey ... nobody was born knowing how to do internet marketing, you understand?
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      Selling MS Office 97 OEM back in 1998 via SPAM
      Sales were actually very good (imagine... :rolleyes: )

      Though I quickly switched to doing business legitimately on eBay and eventually have my own sites, etc.

      Those were the days!
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    • Profile picture of the author aprilm
      One of those X Factor sites made for Adsense, like 6 pages altogether including the privacy, contact, and about. Keyword wasn't reserached at all. Epic failure. Made nothing.
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    Went horrible. I paid $497 for the reprint rights to this one particular product, and loss thousands trying to get sales from it. And no... i never made a sale from it.
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  • Profile picture of the author Darren Money
    Had an e-commerce site which did really well...until I took on a JV partner. It went south after that, but I learned a lot from it.
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    Originally Posted by bsbear View Post

    What was your first attempt at internet marketing and how did it go?

    My first attempt was PPC in 2008

    I do make money but also lost money as the course I invested just told me to target all niche-related words without mentioning much about level of competition.

    Know nothing about building sites until 2010 when I went into full time IM.
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  • Profile picture of the author MarketingMinded
    A blog that I monetized using adsense and created a physical newsletter that I sold to shops and individually hand-to-hand.

    Made decent money from adsense and the newsletter.
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  • Profile picture of the author Alex Greene
    My first attempt was with Google Adsense. I failed to earn money with it. Now, working as a freelancer and earning some money with it.
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    eeeeeh... my first attempt (well it was by accident) was about 13 years ago. I started selling a tyre sealant locally offline to garages. I decided to build a website for the product and created over 50 pages.

    The site went to number 1 in Google shortly, without me even knowing "how" or even trying - I didn't even "know" about affiliate marketing.

    After a while I saw I could make cash by having a banner on my site for "the AA" - an automobile breakdown service in the UK and it instantly started to make me about $300 a month.

    The lesson learned was that the 50+ pages kept my site at the top for over a year.
    Download My FREE "Business Ideas" Videos :)
    Ongoing and regular, fresh ideas to inspire and lead you.
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    I had gotten lucky or talent, still don't know which one.

    My first attempt at IM went successfully!!

    Luckily I found the "bum marketing method" and after reading it I went out and put it into practice.

    I created a free blog at blogger and found a HOT CB product at the time. It was "run your car on water".

    I did article marketing leading back to my simple free blog and it converted like crazy!!!

    I didn't get much traffic, but the traffic I did get was laser targeted to my niche and I had a very good conversion rate.

    This successful first attempt at internet marketing taught me a lot on what works and how to make money online with current trends.

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    It should be SEO.
    Social Facebook, the social issues of the society.
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    My first attempt at Fiverr. I sell my services. It was worked :-)
    ALL Best Posts | The Best Internet Marketing Guides
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  • E-commerce site drop-shipping auto parts. Definitely not my favorite method of income generation but it's been going for 7 years and still generates a reasonable monthly income.

    That said, not all subsequent efforts were successful, but I've learned a lot along the way and am now comfortable with the what I do.

    Here's a saying that I read quite a while ago and it's always stuck with me...

    Reward success and failure, punish inaction.
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  • Profile picture of the author sbrettoncm
    My first attempt was in SEO and it gave me quite a good result. But the key to good SEO lies in the ways it is done in. It also depends on which portals and forums are used. For me, it included blogging and article writing, to a very large extent.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kevin Maguire
    WoW Great question.
    Takes me back to the good old days. lol well kinda good.
    I entered this crazy world way back in 1997. The days of unblocked spam, The days of crazy MLM, and the days of click exchange traffic.
    The internet was a little less attractive back then. And the sites around where pretty ugly to say the least.
    I made my first few bucks doing cross promoting on some of these networks. It worked for a while.
    But eventually I dropped it all and got a real world job. Never thought I would return to this world until I was asked by some online friends if I could knock up a website for their MMOG clan.
    The site was really raw and basic. Full of just guides, hint tips and cheats. But traffic was massive as this game clan had over 55k members. Not to mention the Organic traffic from other gamers.
    I popped a few adblocks on it and before long I was hooked and back in the game.
    Never looked back since.
    Now I am Head of Marketing at a leading SEO vps company.
    I have 4 high end SEO clients that I freelance for.
    I have my own private blog networks.
    I do SEO product conception and development, and I even have my own launch of one my products recently on WF.
    Its taken a long time to get there, but life is good for me now.

    Great topic. Thanks for asking
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  • Profile picture of the author magsite
    First started with a lottery affiliate program called elottery, which ended up closing. It was a 7 level deep referral program, ended purchasing lotterysyndicate.co.uk and then the site was barred by google
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    • Profile picture of the author CassAngel
      PPC on various Clickbank products.

      Oh deary deary me. Oh dear. Not Good. Bad bad bad bad.

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  • Profile picture of the author gbengustic
    I've began searching for ways to earn money online since 2008, and till now i have not been able to make a cent from IM, only made a few bucks with PTP sites, and i ended up using it to pay for my internet bills. Not a good experience but i hope i'll get it right someday.
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  • Profile picture of the author MarkBrook
    Mine first was a blog site and its on 5th right now. Have made many mistake but then make them clear and now its still on 5th and I have stop working on it from long time.

    My first blog about friv games http://www.freeonlinefrivgames.com/ read it and learn more about free games.

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  • Profile picture of the author sabluuk
    My first try was golden. This is because i researched first before starting.
    It also helps that i am a webdeveloper for over 10 years and have pretty decent SEO knowledge.

    My first atempt is setting up about 10 nichesites in holland. Within 4 months it made me over 250 dollar a day
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  • Profile picture of the author kazim
    SEO is my first attempt at internet marketing.
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  • Profile picture of the author getdong
    long long ago in a galaxy far far away when i was 16 years old i sent my buddy an aol instant message and said hey dude you wanna buy an 8th of some dank buds and he was like yeah. a sale was made.that was my first internet marketing sale. ive since moved to legal products lol.
    Looking For Wholesalers, Re-Sellers, & Affiliates
    Looking To Network And Partner With Others
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  • Profile picture of the author pyrosalad
    I sold like 5 copies of an e-Book that I wrote for $8 each Mind you, this was when I was like 14 years old so I was quite proud.
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  • Profile picture of the author refermoneyus
    My first attempt internet marketing was craigslist and backpage advertising. This was going very well for me that i still continue in my tecniques of marketing.

    Read how i went from no money to making over $1000 a day. No experience necessary. Im paid daily.

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  • Profile picture of the author Bill Jeffels
    It was a diet website selling an e-book. And it
    went well.

    Why? Because I took the same principles that
    I learned selling the same book offline and used
    them online.


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  • Profile picture of the author Vladcanada
    So who still does Google ppc + affiliate ? Is there still money to be made?
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  • Profile picture of the author ExpertSEOServices
    My first attempt at internet marketing was Squidoo!

    I followed an online course that promised riches with Squidoo! I went ahead and created my first one and spent a day writing lovely content for it and put my heart and soul into it.
    I never made a dime from my squidoo site but it did get me interested in writing articles and I started looking for jobs writing and built up my income.
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  • Profile picture of the author ReveryMarketing
    My first attempt at affiliate marketing was one of those Data Entry sites back in 05. Since then I realized that it doesn't get any better than working hard for 2-3 months and kicking back the rest of the year or years. Love it!

    Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/reverymarketing
    Niche Flipper - The Ultimate System to Building a Successful Niche Vendor Website. http://nicheflipper.com

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  • Profile picture of the author blillard
    I started on Ebay if you could call that IM back when I was 16, actually turned out pretty well. Being young I blew that on buying a car. Fast forward to '07 I got into CB products + PPC made like 2 sales before Google dropped the hammer on my account for Direct linking an xbox repair guide. It took me a while to figure it out after that.
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  • Profile picture of the author Broderick Boyd
    Google CPC ads directed to an affiliate offer. I used several of the free Google $100 credit cupons and was very successful and made lots of $$$!

    Then Google stopped allowing this kind of use of their CPC.

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  • Profile picture of the author visimedia
    my first attempt was put up an article, bought a site, and I had no result. that's 5 years ago I think... lloll..

    IMers need to be a = never-give-up-attitude people.

    ever go to indonesia? check on https://bedpackers.com for best hostel in malang

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  • Profile picture of the author locke815
    Learn the on-page and off-page SEO.
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  • Profile picture of the author prem khaira
    Affiliate marketing. I've moved on to video and website seo

    Now selling my own info products as well.

    Started out quite rough...much more stable now
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  • Profile picture of the author EloquentGentleman
    My first attempt was using a blogger account and slapping a bunch of random affiliate links on it. Got some good traffic by submitting to several blog & web directories as well as submitting two articles to SEVERAL of the top article directories at the time, but had no clue as to what I was doing.

    Sadly had I known what I was doing I'd probably be rich now, but I thank God because I probably would have gradually blown all my money or did stupid things with it back then

    Note: I was probably about 15 or 16 at the time and didn't know about internet marketing forums such as this one.

    Get this Free Report on Listbuilding ===>Learn the Essentials of Building a Responsive Email List.

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  • Profile picture of the author Brian Tayler
    PPC marketing back in 1999-2000. Lost 100% of money invested.

    Little later (early 2000s) I created an eBook and sold it online (simple page and also on eBay). Made a little bit of money (less than $100).

    The trick was actually going out and trying. I'm not afraid of failure.
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