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I think I might be becoming one. It's scary when I think of the implications. I mean, really, I've racked up 2000+ posts, with 95% of them coming in the last 6 months or so. I've long considered myself a WF addict, but now...

I saw another Warrior's signature 10-20 minutes ago, with a link to his blog where he'd written a small rant about "professional forum posters." At first, I took it very negatively.

Then I thought about it.

And I realized that he might be right.

He never mentioned a single name, username, or particular forum in his rant, and it wasn't a new rant; it'd been posted to his site 4-6 months ago.

It got me to really thinking, though. I do enjoy watching my stats go up, and I enjoy interacting with others. I read a ton of information, and after 18 months here, I have a good filter for knowing the good from the not-so-good.

I'm glad I read that Warrior's sig now. He talked about something I used to wonder about. Namely, if a Warrior has a high post count, does it mean that s/he knows anything? Should post count be a deciding factor in who you read and interact with?

I know I used it as a guide when I was new here. That's why I started watching Alexa and Paul Myers and MYOB and a few others, even before I knew who they were. It's also how I picked Warriors to contact and get more information.

Now I've been here for a bit and I can pick out Warriors to follow a long time before their post counts climb into the sky. It took a long time to figure that out, though.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

-- j

PS: If the Warrior with that in your sig reads this, thanks for making the link public. I'd give you credit, but I don't remember which post I saw you in.
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    Well, I don't have much to add other than the fact that my job (ITS for a College) is pretty boring this time of year, so I like to hang out here as well. I have actually lurked around on the Warrior Forum for the first couple years I started IM and finally decided that I should get more involved. Whether it be asking or answering, I see being more involved as a better way of learning and also absorbing information.
    Jeez, why didn't I think of that two years ago
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        Post counts are like chicken pox . . . the more you have, the sicker you are.


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    This is true. But at least there's a vaccine for chicken pox. =]
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      Can't say I am professional yet :p

      More like "retire" though, as I recently sold my business - more free time now... though I must say WF is addictive! (both WF AND Pinterest are)

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    I'd love to see the stats in an experiment looking at site hits/sales conversions for a quality poster with a few hundred posts versus a spam poster with thousands of posts. The results would be interesting.

    (ps I'm not calling you a spam poster or someone who doesn't contribute quality info haha)
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    Its funny how people always assume other people are in the same situation as them.

    Sure, if you are struggling to make a living online, then spending hours surfing the WF is not the best use of your time.

    But thats not the situation some of us find ourselves in. Me and many others find that our incomes don't go up or down based on how much or how little time we spend on this forum.

    I am basically retired and if I weren't spending some of my free time here, I would probably be spending in on a lake, in a pool, or on a golf course. Sure I guess you could argue that I could spend that time making money, but the reality is I wouldn't

    If your time here is costing you money or if your opportunity cost of spending time here is higher than the reward you get then you need to re-evaluate your priorities.
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    Originally Posted by contentwriting360 View Post

    Well, it's a lot better than being a 'retard,' since some fellow Warriors post like retards when they ask what's universally-acceptable as an obvious one and when the answer is already biting them on the nose.
    Wow, I hope I'm not unwelcome here or something.

    I don't foresee I'll always have that much free time. Just that I have pretty much finished with traveling and wanted to take it easy the rest of 2012.

    Just another reason or perspective of why someone (like me) can spend a lot of time here.


    PS I'm not really retired (still young ) Just finish one chapter of my 'work' life.
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    Wow, I hope I'm not unwelcome here or something.
    Mike, I was only kidding when I said 'being a retired person' is a lot better than being a retarded one. My mom was right. I'm not a good joker.

    Hey, definitely you're very much welcome here!
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      Originally Posted by contentwriting360 View Post

      Mike, I was only kidding when I said 'being a retired person' is a lot better than being a retarded one. My mom was right. I'm not a good joker.

      Hey, definitely you're very much welcome here!
      Good to know!
      Thanks for the reply...

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      Hey Jason,

      A professional is someone performing an activity as a job rather than just for enjoyment. You're getting paid!??!

      You know, like professional baseball players as opposed to amateur ones.

      You lucky dog! :p

      Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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    There is a difference between Professional Forum Poster and someone who posts tons. Professional posting is a valid part of many companies.

    Do lots of posts mean anything? Maybe. The problem is that when you, me, anyone, is new to a forum there are few metrics to use. Don't yet know anyone, etc...
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    I think it's rather obvious that there's no direct correlation between forum post count and expertise. Some people just spend more time posting than others. You also have some genuine experts who are new members, or who only post here occasionally.

    It's always a good idea to verify everything for yourself. On every forum there are people who take on the role of authorities. In some cases, they may be right about most things. and truly motivated by a desire to help. Others may be more interested in building up their post count in order to build credibility and get more chances to display their signature. It's easy to come across like an expert on a forum, even if you're not. One way to do it is read everything said by genuine experts and repeat it back in your own words

    It's always better to keep an open but skeptical mind about everything you read. Remember that there are some issues related to IM -such as Google's exact formula- where perfect knowledge is almost impossible.

    The old adage Question Authority applies here as much as anywhere else.
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    The point I would agree with would be: You should not judge people based on the number of Post Counts they have.

    It's still going to happen anyway though.
    Higher post counts "tend to indicate Experience", which "tends to indicate Wisdom".
    So it's easier for people to trust in and listen to those with higher post counts.

    I for one, pay attention to what people post, not their post count.

    I would "judge" someone based on what they say and do here, rather than their "stats".


    Now, at the same time, I don't believe that a high Post count is an indication of low success.

    Saying that "Successful people won't spend free time doing the things they enjoy" is simply not true.

    In fact, if you are truly successful, you'd have a lot more free time on your hands than someone struggling through life.
    You'd have your finances and bills already taken care of in advance.

    Successful people are usually smart. And the smart thing would be to NOT work all day, every day, for a living.

    Having a long-lasting passive income is usually the aim of successful people.
    Which means, lots of Free time on your hands.


    What confuses people sometimes is this:

    Why don't you see successful people like Bill Gates, Larry Page, etc... chatting on Forums or enjoying themselves publicly?

    Its usually because they don't want to draw too much attention to themselves, and have 1000 people begging them for money.

    (In other cases, some of the Super-rich would think that they are "above" chatting with "common-folk", thus they only communicate with their own circle of successful friends)

    Also, when you are that rich/successful, you need to be very careful of everything you say.
    A lot of those super-rich people have their public posts screened before released. Any little mistake can bring about a lawsuit or end up in the Headlines of the News.

    I remember when Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for a "hardly" anti-gay slur in a Basketball match.
    What he said really wasn't a big deal. But when you're as successful as he is, Everything you say becomes a big deal.

    It's not always that easy to speak your mind in those situations. They end up living very private lives.

    Things like this tend to give people the illusion that successful people "don't have the time" to chat on Forums and such.
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    Wouldn't a professional forum poster be someone who makes money from their posts? Never heard of anyone where that works out into a full-time income, but maybe I need some better sig banners.

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      Originally Posted by kindsvater View Post

      Wouldn't a professional forum poster be someone who makes money from their posts? Never heard of anyone where that works out into a full-time income, but maybe I need some better sig banners.

      Not necessarily directly from their posts, but I've seen people play the game very intentionally and gain a massive reputation solely from their forum posts.

      Then they start selling products and make a killing because of the massive reputation they've build up.

      But I've heard the term "professional forum poster" just mean someone who has a lot of posts on the forum, for sure, in response to the OP.

      And obviously, making a lot of posts on a make money forum, simply means you've made a lot of posts on a forum. It doesn't mean you make more or less money than someone with 5 posts on the same forum.
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      I just come here for the free donuts.
      Get Off The Warrior Forum Now & Don't Come Back If You Want To Succeed!
      All The Real Marketers Are Gone. There's Nothing Left But Weak, Sniveling Wanna-Bees!
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      Originally Posted by BIG Mike View Post

      Personally, I've always been an advocate of "Turning Off" all of the metrics in the WF
      My thoughts exactly. Turning off post count would DRASTICALLY reduce number of useless posts in here.

      Sure, it's not an indicator of success but we all use it to judge others, just like employees are judged by their clothes in job interviews.

      Racking up a nice post count is a necessity for warriors posting WSOs, isn't it?
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          I think some people just enjoy posting.

          Sure you might have people like David and Mike (just 2 random people I can think of that are millionaires off the top of my head) who post on here for fun, but they you have others that are super successful and hardly post.

          You get even less people outside the IM markets that post regularly. Some people obviously have a vested interest in posting on an IM forum (which makes sense), but what worries me is that all the movers and shakers outside of IM hardly ever post.

          I think with people starting out there must come a time when they're strong enough to take a break from doing stupid stuff that is holding them back. That doesn't include posting on forums. Also reading blog posts, watching too much TV, playing on Youtube, etc.

          I actually added WF and another forum to Leachblock yesterday. Ended up disabling it twice because I was bored lol
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    I for one like hanging out on forums, especially here in WF because I love interacting and I'd love to learn from other people as well. Plus, it's fun staying in the loop always.

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    I read that a while back. I agree to not judge someone by the post count.

    However, I think the article shows lack of real world knowledge about how networking works. No offense intended but cocktail parties, conferences, meetings (such as Chamber of Commerce meetings), classes, golfing, etc. are widely used and accepted as necessary to build a good network in many industries.

    Why is posting on the WF any different if a person is in the IM/MMO niche and is selling products to others in that niche?

    To take it even further, what if this was a bodybuilding or marriage or get out of debt forum? Could you say that all the big count posters were fat and unfit, had awful marriages, or there was no way posters could get out of debt solely because of their post counts?

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    The old adage Question Authority applies here as much as anywhere else.
    Thaaaank yoooouuu!

    People try to interpret post counts, and haven't a clue how to read them, much less whether they actually mean anything. Mine looks huge, but if you look at my daily average, it's under 4. That's not a lot for a moderator. I've just been here a long time.

    And they tell you exactly nothing about the poster's expertise on any given subject. Completely irrelevant.

    I like Mike's idea. Turn all that stuff off. Thanks count and post count and anything like it. If you want to know about someone's posting history, go look at it. Actually READ what they have to say on various subjects. You have a much better chance of forming a useful opinion that way.

    Side note to BigMike: Moderators represent the opposite of entropy. Just sayin' ...

    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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      Originally Posted by Paul Myers View Post

      Side note to BigMike: Moderators represent the opposite of entropy. Just sayin' ...

      Nice one. Peace, calm and order brother.

      I think that, since the introduction of a fee to join, post count means less. I'm seeing a lot fewer pointless one liners and don't spend the start of each session here clicking the report post icon.

      The low post count, waste of spacers will gradually weed themselves out - most were never in it for the long hall.

      Newer joiners, who have to pay, are more likely to be here to learn, advise or just generally take part.

      Yes, WF is addictive. I admit it.
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    I thought this thread was for me until I got to the line where you said the posts were old haha
    Earn Money Insider - Please, show me some support, it will really help me out a lot.
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    How can I find professional high quality authority blah blah forum poster?
    I hope he will not ask for $ 999 in advance (for 20posts/day 400/month) as the Indian who contacted me a few weeks ago.

    Don't worry be happy!

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    I do agree with the basic underlying message - post count or other forum metrics are not necessarily an indicator of success or expertise. Personally, I've always been an advocate of "Turning Off" all of the metrics in the WF
    Agree with that. Post count doesn't mean anything so new members should only judge advice on it's merits and also proof in some cases.

    Also agree with many of the blog post views although he did take it a bit too far as everyone has different circumstances.

    If you are spending hours on any forum every day you need to think and measure how productive it is compared to other stuff you could be doing. Of course if money it is not an issue and you enjoy helping out the community with great tips then that's cool also.
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    I usually carefully read all the posts made by the warriors regardless new warrior or older. Some new users does add some valuable posts.
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    I consider the thanks count over the post count
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    At bare minimum 2400 of my post are utter BS.

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    A prime example of low post count (389) but highly valuable and appreciated information is here:

    I don't agree, though, that the low post count (the article implies that lower post count posters would be more successful because they aren't hanging out here all day) means he has a successful business at all nor do I agree that a low post count means he doesn't know what he is talking about because he is a newbie.

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        Who doesnt like professional forum posters However id have to agree that thanks count way more to me than a post.
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    Great post!
    Have to agree with you I also love to watch my post count go up!
    I do believe that posting and interacting does improve your knowledge and I think considering you have over 2K posts you are defiantly qualified as a professional forum poster lol
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      Originally Posted by ExpertSEOServices View Post

      Have to agree with you I also love to watch my post count go up!

      This is funny, I have the opposite view.

      Seeing my post count go up just reminds me that I am not doing what I should be doing.

      At least during my schedule work hours. After that I don't mind posting.
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    Well from the looks of it, people with more posts seem to know more because, evidently they have the experience and the proof. I would imagine that a person with the most post knows more but that is not always the case. I think that it gives a warrior credibility and a louder voice among this community... in some cases people post just to increase the number of posts!!! don't do it! People actually want to learn from your opinions. Do not abuse your voice, exercise it instead!!!!!
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    About high posts counts, I used to look to see how many posts someone had and felt they were more knowledgable than me just because they had more posts than I did.

    But then I started to notice people's join dates and looking at that together with their post count that started to shed some light on things.

    I am kind of at that stage where if someone has a thousand posts or higher and they have only been here for 6 months, well that is suspect.

    I think the highest daily average I saw on someone's profile was like 25 posts on average per day.

    And this person wasn't selling a WSO or had a service up, it was just posts in the general section and other sub-forums.

    I do understand that some people will have a high post count because they have WSO's running and a big part of their post count comes from replying to questions and other things in their WSO's or if they have a warrior for hire thread they might have a lot of posts coming from that.

    So I think it is best to check out the person's posts to see what they are actually posting about, and that will give you a better idea.
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    You also wonder at people with high post counts - don't they have to be somewhere else?
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    I don't see anything wrong with it.

    You could say it as "Professional Newbie Helper" or "Professional Free IM Advice Giver"

    Nothing wrong with helping people if you're intentions are good.

    Keep helping and inspiring!

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    Weird - I've never really thought about post count. I've been here for years, but don't really say much. If I have something to say, answer, share - I do. But I've never been one to post just for the sake of posting....

    Now, if there was a counter for posts READ, that would be a totally different story!

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        Originally Posted by JaRyCu View Post

        I'm thankful that doesn't exist...I read 10-15 posts for every 1 I make myself...imagine what my count would be.

        -- j
        I probably read 100+ posts in relation to each single one I make myself. But there again, to my mind knowledge is the defining attribute of the forum. The fact that you have to open 100+ oysters to find a solitary pearl is irrelevant.
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    Is it possible to hire a professional forum poster to promote my site for me via signatures?

    I have tried to find one, and am not sure how to pay the poster.
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    There are in fact "Professional Forum Posters" if you want to call them that. The type I am talking about .. hire kids to SPAM forums with advertisements in their sigs.

    Last year, a friend of my son learned that I earn a living online. He asked me if it was something he could do himself. I said I would teach him if he was serious.

    Few days later he came to me and said he had a job working online. Long story short, he saw an ad on TV, met someone at McDonalds of all places, was given a 30 minute "How to and what to do." Yep.. he was in it.

    After I explained to him that it was a SCAM, how it works, that he would never earn a living, and so forth he was completely devastated.

    No less than one month later, same kid and my son went to a seminar held by one of the world's largest and prominent business organizations. At the end of the seminar everyone was invited to stay for a short 'employment opportunity' and guess who was the speaker? Yep, same guy at McDonalds.

    Jeffery 100% :-)
    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    Originally Posted by JaRyCu View Post

    I think I might be becoming one. It's scary when I think of the implications. I mean, really, I've racked up 2000+ posts, with 95% of them coming in the last 6 months or so.
    Wow that's a lot of posting Jason. How do you find the time to make so many posts, plus run your article writing business, plus work a full time job? You must be a busy guy.
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    My post count means nothing to me. I visit here when I have time... If a topic interests me I'll post a comment, and occasionally start one. There are several people here that I read their posts almost religiously, others not so much. But I've learned a lot here over the years, from both the newbies and the old pros.
    Don't get so wrapped up in making money that you forget the important things in life.
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