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Hi all,

I want to get your opinion on this site. Here is the story...

I have been looking to get a new DSLR Camera. I have been looking at the Nikon D90. So I Googled the camera, and I got a listing for It seems that you can get the products for ridiculous prices like 90-95 percent off. The catch is that you have to buy bids to bid on the items. Each bid is $0.75 I believe. There are penny auctions that, every time you bid, the price only goes up 1 cent. Also, every time you bid 15-20 seconds get added onto the remaining time. One of the D90s that I say was priced at over 100 dollars, which means it has 7500 dollars invested into it. It is sort of like a lottery I guess, and I think it might be illegal in the US. Is this a scam? Please tell me what you think?


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    These were popular here in the UK a couple of years ago if I remember correctly. The majority of people lose out and only one person gets 'a bargain', often less than you'd think due to the fact they have often bidded on the item several times. The sites are not a scam however as they live up to the promise and provide exactly what they offer on the site which is basically thinly disguised gambling with items as prizes. They have no need to steal from you as they make much more than the items price from the bidding anyway.
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    I have written an actual free ebook on swoopo. It's a numbers game basically you can work out a tactic but if you go in blind you'll loose alot of money.

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