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I am a bit confused, how exactly do I come about writing content for my niche website, I cant figure it out how much content do I write? If I have an affiliate product that I want to promote what is the best way to go about writing content for this.

Also If I use a WordPress website how many pages is good to have, how do niche websites differ from a standard website?

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    I would suggest doing a little research into the niche you're establishing.
    Also, a good rule of thumb is that the more content the better.
    Cover everything that you think would establish SEO, all keywords in the niche that you can think of. People are out there looking, and you know that you're there waiting for them to find it!
    Make your text bodies aesthetically appealing, and make sure that it's readable.
    That's really all of the advice I can give in this subject, or I would help you out more. Sorry about that =/
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    Hostwind, do you recommend a certain length for content? Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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    If you really intend to write a content for a niche website, you need to focus first on the quality not the quantity. While it's true that there are limits on the length of an article, the crucial part is the solid foundation of your content so that you will not be conscious of the number of words in writing an article/content. Yet, since you asked about the length, the average article for marketing purposes will probably run between 350 and 500 words. Beyond 500 words is enough for article submissions. The rest will be up to you and the topic that you want to share with.
    Hope this helps...
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    Great questions.

    When it comes to dominating your niche you need to model success so I would dig into the top 10 sites ranking for the keywords you want to go for within your niche to get an Idea of how much content they have.

    Usually 500 plus words should be good with more being better of course. Also with all the new Google updates it makes sense to add more pages within your site and provide valuable information. Do not just have your content be for the sole purpose of ranking for the keywords.

    Mix the content up and have some helpful content, answer common questions and give advice to all the common problems within your niche.

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    Write 1000+ words articles/reviews. Drip feed one every alternate day.
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    Instead of focusing on how many articles you would need to put up, make sure that the ones you do put on your website (even if it's only two) is top notch. Once you do that, and it gets indexed by google, market it to other websites in your niche.

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