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HEy there,

I have a sniper site that is currently on the 3rd result in google however it is not making any money at the moment from the affiliate links. The keyword is aeroplane simulator and my site is

If anyone could help me I would be grateful.

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    You need more traffic!!

    Then start tracking and testing. Until then you're not really going to know much more.

    Your site looks decent, btw.

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    You need to test and track your conversion rate and tweak for best results. At this point it is really hard to do when your CR is 0%.

    Ask yourself, are you actually getting traffic from your position in Google? Is it relative traffic to your affiliate links? What is your bounce rate?

    If your answer to any of these questions is not 100% YES or if your bounce rate is higher than about 60%-70% then you need to rank different keywords.
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    do they still work? EMD and all?

    I had several of those types of sites last year and they made good adsense money. but they all disappeared from the SERPS after the big updates.
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    the reason you are not getting much traffic because your keyword has low amount of search monthly. In google keyword tool, it shows only 720 searches/month world wide.
    You need to aim higher than that.
    If you want to target low search amount keyword, you'd better create a review blog and add the reviews in posts. For low competition keywords, this will work well too.
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      Honestly, your site is wonderful! A tad overstuffed with the product you a promoting which will bring your conversion rates very low. I agree with what someone said above, your keyword is getting many searches. Best thing you can do instead of sitting around and crossing your figures is paying people to bring TARGETED Traffic to your site. It sounds crazy, but your niche is very hot in the market and the product you are promoting has an extremely reasonable price.

      Best of Luck.

      Jim Riemer
      Future Entrepreneur
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    Your site is attractive, but I'm afraid you need a complete overhaul.

    1. Way over-optimized for certain keywords. Aeroplane simulator being one of them.

    2. If you give people too many choices, they'll usually not pick anything. Your home page and others have too many choices and things to click on.

    3. The very first sentence asks people if they've ever dreamed of being a pilot. That could be confusing to them and possibly suggest your site is about how to become a real pilot. Possibly.

    4. Your entire site is one huge duplicate content penalty. You've clearly copied and pasted content onto other pages. Get rid of all duplicate content and this will help you in the serps.

    5. You have too many blinking banners even if it's just the text on the banner.

    6. I think your header is way too big. It takes up a lot of the above the fold space.

    7. Your text/copy needs to be optimized a little better for online readers. Here's one example:

    "Flying a plane with online flight simulators is quite easy my friend since the flight simulator controls are very easy to learn and without complex buttons not just like real airplane cockpit controls."

    That's one long sentence and is a huge run-on sentence. That confuses readers. One sentence has one idea or thought in it.

    Your paragraph lengths seem all right. But very long sentences are not good usability. And you can and should use things like bullet points, or numbered lists, to create more white space. But I see you do have some bullet point lists, so that's good. Try to use more of them. Odd number of bullet points.

    8. The word, aeroplane, is not commonly used here in the US. It's an antiquated term. Maybe it's used in Europe or the UK, but not here. In the US, it's: plane, aircraft, airplane, jet, and never aeroplane.

    9. I recommend getting away from the sniper site mindset. Just develop a content site that has an EMD. You can still rank well with that model.

    10. Redo the home page, and get rid of all those banners. Can have them on internal pages but not so many on one page.

    11. Use text links on the home page, toward the bottom of the article, and point them to internal pages.

    12. What you should do is create presell pages and then link out to the product sales pages. The home page text links can point to the presell pages or even review content for one particular product, for example. Then you send them to the sales copy for that product.

    13. Just get rid of all that dupe content on the home page. Take it and use it on internal pages.

    14. Avoid over-optimizing... not so many primary keywords all over the place, bolded, etc.

    15. You can also test with inserting some text with larger font between paragraphs. This could be a link to another page that is a review of a product.

    16. Get tracking on your site if you don't have it. You can use Analytics or something else. Track all links and pages. You have to know what is getting clicks.

    17. On the left, move 'recent posts' up to where your picture and short about me text is. You can move your pic/text lower on the left or onto another page. The 'about me' page.

    18. I'm in the US, and when I search at Google for: aeroplane simulator, you're number 5 with two images ahead of you.

    Create some images and submit them to Google images. Optimize them or the listing.

    19. You'll need to create more content. Rewrite home page copy or just optimize it for the web reader.

    20. Write the best reviews you can for the various s/w and products. You can even have small thumbnails on the home page, above or below some text, and each image is a link to the actual review text on an internal page. I've seen lots of sites that do that including some ranking #1.

    Hope that helps and good luck.
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