Need help with getting traffic to ebay listings.

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I have several ebay listings which are getting very low views. I think have done everything I'm suppose to do as far as the title,picture and the description. Is there a way to see what other listings have for keywords. I've tried to use as much keywords a possible but still getting not as many views as I would like. The more people that look at the listing the better chance of me getting a sale. I have had 40 views in one week. I would like that per day at least. Is there a free program that I could use to spy on other listings keywords because I am clueless. I have brought the price down but still it's not selling like I want. Here is the listing, can someone please provide some feedback because I am at a loss. I need to know what type of seo I can use for my ebay listings. Here is my listing.

Fast IBM ThinkPad T43 Intel Pentium M Windows 7 Pro 2GB RAM 1 86GHz WiFi Laptop | eBay
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    It really depends on the item you are selling. Some products will need a few sales whereas consumer electronics like ipads got me 300 views in one day. So I would say it's based on the demand of that product. In the UK, I normally check ebay pulse to see what 10 products are in demand and then select an item to sale from those products.
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    Try Social Media and Other Traffic sources to get traffic. You need some good targeted traffic.
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    Do you know how to use ebays advanced search to see comparible sale outcomes?
    Looks like the average for that laptop is $150...
    I think a lot more people are seeing your listing,they are just not clicking on it.
    1) ebay is full of bargain hunters.
    2) unless you are selling the latest or the rarest dont expect top dollar.
    3) auction sells much better than fixed price but its risky.

    At $250 you are at the max for that model, i only saw one out of 800 that sold for that much. Ive seen core i3 laptops sell for that price...
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      In our experience, getting a lot of views to an eBay item depends on three things:

      1. Price
      2. Price
      3. Price

      Thats it. Everything else is secondary (important, but secondary).
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        Originally Posted by CassAngel View Post

        In our experience, getting a lot of views to an eBay item depends on three things:

        1. Price
        2. Price
        3. Price

        Thats it. Everything else is secondary (important, but secondary).
        I second this.

        Ranking for Best Match is great, but the majority of people who purchased items by Best Match did so from a smartphone whereas searching and using the Sort by: Lowest Price + Shipping" is becoming much easier on phone and because eBay changed the eBay App for smartphones recently to make this feature easier to use.

        eBay also used Best Match to determine what to promote through Google which makes up 80% of eBays' traffic. With the recent updates to Google Shopping a vast majority of these items are not being indexed by Google and eBay does not pay to promote them. There is a rumored "spat" going on between the two, my account rep(s) for eBay for my accounts refused to comment but didn't deny anything.

        If you are going to use Google Shopping which works like Adwords, to promote a physical item then I suggest leaving eBay because there is no sense in paying eBay 12-20% per item in fees to list and sell your item unless you are really too lazy to pay someone on Fiverr to set you up with an eCommerce WP site.
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    I just realized I replied to this post over a month ago.

    You aren't going to sell it because your laptop is not worth that much. Nobody buys my 1964 toaster, they won't buy your old brick of a laptop for that price because others are selling it for $122.00 USD IBM ThinkPad T43 Mobil 1 86GHz 1 5GB 60GB 14"LCD WiFi CDRW DVD Win XP Good Batt | eBay.

    Why would someone pay you almost double for outdated electronics?
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