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A quick question. If I have a blog and I also want a squeeze page do I need 2 separate url's?

I do want to focus my efforts on building a list and I want to focus my efforts on traffic but where do I drive traffic to my blog or a squeeze page or is it possible to incorporate both of these into one. for example could I create

ff.com as my blog and create ff.com/squeeze page as my squeeze page

or should I just add an opt-in form to my blog.

I want to drive traffic to a squeeze page but once I have readers I don't want them to land on my squeeze page every time if I were to make my homepage static.


btw I am working with wordpress
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    There are many options like you said you can have in on a different page. Another alternative would be to place on a subdomain like xxx.yourmainsite.com

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    Hell no.

    It's perfectly reasonable to have a million subdomains. (Seriously, that's why I have a couple generic urls to host a thousand squeeze pages I have)
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    You can do both.

    I personally keep my squeeze pages on their own domain and have my blogs on a seperate domain. This is because I want to rank my blogs in Google to drive traffic to the squeeze page. The other best alternative would to be yourdomain.com/offer as the squeeze page.

    Hope that helps!

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    You can add a popup window on your blog and show the squeeze page, and can have the separate squeeze page too.

    You can check my setup:

    blog site: Geeyo Internet Business Blog | My Journal of Internet Business Adventure
    squeeze page: Search Engine Rampage
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    You can make a subdomain for your squeeze page, but I would also add an optin box on your blog.

    When I was list building I got tons of people to my list from my blog, just by having an optin form there. And I would recommend looking at moving it from wordpress if you are getting hosted through wordpress because there are some great addons for ways to include an optin box.

    But just an idea.
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    You will need to do split testing to see what works better for you:
    Squeeze page or blog.
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    What theme are you using for your wordpress blog?

    Have the main blog in the top level, with an opt-in box either in the header, top right of the sidebar, or at the end of every post.

    Then if the theme supports squeezepages you can create a page and have it linked as part of the menu, or just use it as a stand alone page where you are able to promote it separately.

    The type of traffic you send to your squeezepage will be entirely different to that of a blog. For squeezepages you should be buying relevant advertising vs a blog where the main source of traffic will be blog commenting, social media, and guest blog posts.
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      You can have your squeeze pages on the same domain. I always use a URL that matches the traffic source.

      The squeeze pages in my sig. end in "wf." "IMNZ.com/squeezeccwf1" Where the "cc" is crash course, the "wf" is Warrior forum and the "1" is the first version.

      This way I can set up a different form in my AR for each traffic source or different squeeze page and keep track of conversions and optin rate etc. for each traffic source.

      You may end up having many different squeeze pages to test different offers or products etc.
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        thanks everyone for your answers. I still have a long way to go. I am working on a plan still but I wanted to get started and do something.

        So I set up my blog and I haven't totally settled on a theme yet. I have tried about 30 so far and I am still trying to understand all the nuances of wordpress.

        I think I will keep a seperate squeeze page because AndrewStark's remark resonates with me. It would be different traffic going to my blog than to my squeeze page.

        I will add an opt in to my blog as soon as I figure out how exactly to do that. I will create my squeeze page and work on traffic to both of them. I wonder how I can include both of them in articles and guest posts and things like that. I will figure it out.

        I really do appreciate everyone's help.
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    You should have a squeeze page for your promotion work, but also on your blog it is not one but up to three sign up box you should have.
    One at the top of the content, one at the bottom of the content, one at the top of your sidebar.
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