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I know a number of warriors have at least dabbled in the google Knols.

I have noticed a problem, in that if users are not logged in, my knols will not appear in searches, but if users are logged in, they will appear for the exact same search.

I've inquired, I've read their 'bugs' blog, and have yet to find a satisfactory answer.

Likewise tomorrow will be two full weeks since my last revision of one of my knols (the first one I did), and two full weeks since I jumped through the hoops to approve my knols using my adsense account. Google Knol says that the approval may take 2 weeks.

As of right now, it's less than 24 hours to the deadline before my adsense account should by all rights be used based upon their own policies and statements.

Of course this means very little until people can actually find my knol.

Anyone else out there been working with knols and having these kinds of troubles?

If so, have these troubles eventually worked out like they apparently are supposed to?

--Scott Burton
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    I have the same results. If I'm logged in, my knol Medical Transcription Computer Equipment Needs shows up, but if not, then no.

    The help articles say that you should click the "Not enough results?" link if what you are looking for doesn't show up. And that does work. But a lot of help that is, if people don't already know your particular knol is out there!

    Let's hope it gets better.
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