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I have noticed yahoo answers has gotten much stricter in the last 3 months.. anyone else seeing the same? Also I am finding it much harder to put my link on there even if I include a wiki link with it or some other related niche website.. Anyone got any advice or seeing the same thing?
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    If you're posting a legitimate and well thought out answer with a link back to a site that doesn't look like an affiliate page, you shouldn't have a problem.

    1 - If you're not currently cloaking all of your ugly affiliate links, I would highly recommend doing so.
    2 - If you're linking to a sloppy looking web page or a page known for spam, I would clean the page up or just stop that if you're doing the latter.

    It's not just Yahoo Answers: Everyone is tired of being spammed to death with crap sites/crap offers or junk. Craigslist/EBay/Yahoo Answers/Article Directories/Etc.

    P.S. The Power Of Attorney link in your signature isn't linking to an actual web page, you forgot to include the .com.

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      That's right. The system is closing and it will be really hard to place a backlink in the way you do it now.
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  • The best way to get your links in there is to post good, legitimate, sensible answers to questions and make your link relevant to that answer. Sure, you won't be able to post as often as you want but every post would count more.
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    you can't succeed the Yahoo Answer if you are in a hurry, please be patient and persistent then you will see the results. Leave valuable answers only.
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    I had the same issue as you.
    Was posting for years without any issues, then suddenly was suspended.
    Luckily I have another account, but I use links in that to a more authority site and that seems ok.
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      I haven't seen any significant changes to Yahoo answers.

      I use YA to drive all of my traffic for a specific niche. Once you get to level 2 it is smooth sailing and the traffic is pretty highly targeted, especially if you get the best answer.

      I recommend using different varieties of links to promote in your answers, and you shouldn't have a problem
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    If you are seeing changes then you can put this down to you doing something wrong.

    I use Yahoo Answers the way I have done so for the past few years - I try to hone in on the niche in which the link I am posting is for and then reply with as much information as I can.
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      Originally Posted by Surminga View Post

      If you are seeing changes then you can put this down to you doing something wrong.
      Not necessarily.

      It might just be that his competitors have been a bit quicker to flag his posts, over the last few months - or there might be more of them. That's the cause of most problems there.
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    I have a level 5 account on Yahoo! Answers. I've literally answered thousands of different questions with a link back to my site. None of which have gotten marked as spam.

    Simply provide value in the form of long, thought-out answers and you'll be fine
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    Providing real and valuable information through your your answer is important. As long as you are doing that you should not have any problem. But yes if you are only using YA to promote your website/service then you will surely face problems.

    Also competitors role is also very prominent these days. Niche like MMO, Weight loss, Acne are overly congested and very prone to be flagged as there are many competitors.
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      Yahoo Answers is a lot tougher indeed. It was much easier a couple years ago. I recently had about 12 really good answers that weren't spammy in anyway that were related to the questions asked, and still got reported and deleted. So recently, I found someone on Fiverr who did yahoo answers for me and those answers are sticking very well. It's much better to have someone outsource for you to save a big headache.

      What's the point of having a sig if no one buys from you?

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    I have answered many questions on Yahoo Answers and still do. I have never had an issue. I agree with others. Provide a well thought out answer and link to a relevant site.
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