are your Kindle books missing these 5 key boosters?

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(Although this post is relevant mainly for fiction books, because I mainly publish fiction - they can also apply to non-fiction.)

Most publishers miss out on at least one of these points.

If you want your book to stand out as professional and get better reviews, it is essential for you to have these in your books.

1. "About the author" – even if you're using a pen name, it's a big mistake that most people make to not include this. Readers who have invested their time and money to read your book want to know about you. What inspired you to write it, etc.

(And if you have not written it yourself, but rather outsourced the writing, get him/her to write this part). The "about the author" section is best at the end of the book.

2. "Introduction" – let readers know what they are buying, a brief summary of your book. This can basically be the same as what you included in your Amazon "book description".

3. "Final words" – at the end of the book, write a short personal message from the author to the reader/some final thoughts to leave the reader with.

It finishes off the book nicely and enhances the reader's experience.
(If you're not sure what to write here, pull out some novels from your bookshelves and get ideas from them).

4. "Dedication" – at the start of the book. Again, this will give a much more personal touch. It only needs to be one line, for example to a family member, a friend etc.

5. "Also by" - this is another must. If a customer liked your story, they'll see your other books at the end and are likely to buy them too

From my experience, these all add to the reader's experience and pay off with better reviews.

How do you make your Kindle books rock?
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    My books aren't missing these, Lou, because I am just writing my first one now. Thanks to you, it won't be missing them either!

    Good tips, matey!
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    Also another thing that's really important is to add a copyright page at the beginning...
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    It absolutely amazes me that so many authors don't have an "About The Author" page but many don't. Such a great opportunity for branding, positioning, and selling more books and it doesn't cost a penny to utilize.
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    Excellent Ideas for Giving Even More Professional Touch to Kindle and Amazon Books...Keep it up man...
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      Thanks for the great ideas! I always include the elements you mentioned....except dedication....though, now that you bring it up, I may try it.

      One more thing to include in this list would be:

      Recommended Reading - Link to other Kindle books that your readers may enjoy. The trick here is that you contact these authors and ask that they include your link in their book too. It's a win win. It's great for exposure for both parties.

      I usually wait until a book gets some good sales momentum before doing this though, because it gives you more leverage when you approach other "high sales rank" authors.
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  • Profile picture of the author Lou Murphy
    Thankyou, that's a great idea. I will definitely be implementing this.
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