Should I make a press release at this point?

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Hello WF, I would like to pose a question to everyone about my recently launched website and get genuine and honest feedback based on your experiences and knowledge.

I've recently launched my first website and am now looking for ways to generate traffic. I would prefer to start with some free or nearly free methods of generating traffic that will provide subscribers/return visits. I am confident that my content is worth viewing for my niche, and have spent a long time making my website visually appealing and filled with useful articles/sections, all of which I have created myself to serve the viewer of my site.

As of now, 99% of my traffic is coming from one source where I have a social media presence - it's providing around 300-500 unique visits per day, but I want others in my niche to be browsing this site and returning for more, other than just from my social media accounts - that part I have a better handle on than sending people from other places online to my site/blog.

The thing is, I am nervous to use methods like Press Releases as I keep telling myself "wait till you make more content, wait till you finish optimizing your site, let it grow by itself before promoting, etc" although I know there are many people who would find my information useful.

The site has many resources in about 4 sections, and a daily updated blog. It also has product/amazon affiliate reviews and an amazon affiliate store that I hope to generate income from in the future (of course I'm not expecting much until my website is far more popular).

Should I now focus my efforts on making a 20$ press release, or aim for a different type of promotion of my website? Or, should I stick to things like craigslist ads for now? I am always improving my site and it's content, but I want to increase the number of people seeing it too.

Thank-you so much for your time.
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    Press releases never hurt. The earlier you start the more authority you accrue. Submit to,, and free-press-release if the $20 is a problem. Submit at least every month if possible.
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    A great place to get unique press releases for cheap is Fiverr. I would absolutely go for it, not only for backlinks and exposure but for more traffic as well. You may have to do some shopping on Fiverr, but for five bucks some of them really over-deliver.

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    I personally use them as the first links to a new site. it’s great way to break in a new site, build some natural authority and get it off on the right foot. Before i start any aggresive link building for a site i always send a news release out first. i like to do this because it provide a good excuse to google for increase in links it’s about to see. the news to then start receiving an increase in links.
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    Wow, 300-500 unique visitors a day? Is that right? If yes, then that is plenty. Potential 15,000 uniques in a month! Ok, that is serious traffic and you could make a fortune with that amount already. But for more free traffic, yes write a press release and submit it to one of the paid pr sites.

    Tired of the grind? Wait. PM me to see a better way.

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    I would start submitting press releases NOW. Dont delay. A great site that you will get good results from is PRlog. Another is "free-press-release .com". But PRweb takes the cake. Good luck, and get going!
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    I think you are missing the point.

    It is not should I make a press release

    95% of people do it wrong and just flood these sites with crappy spun articles. If you are gunna do that, forget it.

    If you can sit down and ask yourself, do I have something that I can create buzz around and will get attention then its time to go the press release route.

    Dont be one of the warriors that scratch a crappy article together, or spin a rediculous article, and post it up, and come back in here and say press releases just dont work.

    You need to create buzz, and get a proper press release writer to write something amazing. That is the best way to get the most out of press releases, I been doing them for years, but like I said 95% people do it completely wrong.
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    If you are proud of your site and truly think it has merit, then, by all means, go for a press release! I'd be purchasing a super mass syndicated one for maximum results. Why do anything by halves?
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