How often do you login to your autoresponder?

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Do you think it is necessary to log into your auto-responder everyday?
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    It certainly keeps things oiled. Logins could become difficult if you don't.
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    In my case I receive an email from Aweber each time somebody subscribes to my lists so I don't need to check it out.
    I step into the autoresponder from time to time just to post more follow-up messages.
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    I was getting to the point where I was checking it every 5 minutes and it was affecting my work.

    Since then, I've put a stopped to doing that (I was getting obsessed!) and just check it twice a day now. Once in the morning and once at night.

    But really, if you've set everything up, then it shouldn't need to be checked for days, hence the name... "Auto" responder.

    James Scholes
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    Yes, I think it's a great idea to check on your atuo-responder accounts daily. Well, at least I do.

    First off, I like to see the stats on broadcasts. I also like to check on any unsubscribes or inactive users so I can purge them from my lists (and not have to pay for them). And, most importantly, I like to be able to download my lists info. I have more than one account for a reason and if something weird happens, I want to know I can take my folks with me.

    Your lists are a very valuable asset - treat it that way.

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    If you want to broadcast your offers daily through the email marketing, of course you need to login to an autoresponder service.
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    I check it once a day, any more than that gets distracting.
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    I check once a day, because I like to check the metrics to see what I should improve.

    But, be careful the metrics can be addicted.

    I use to spend one checking the progression of my emails, but that's just waste of time.
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    Check it once or twice but if you set it up the right way, you will need to check it once or twice per week.
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    I login everyday... to add more messages to my autoresponder sequence.
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    I used to log into my auto-responder everyday just to add more messages.

    I actually now deleted them all and log in everyday and write to my list on the spot and send a broadcast. Whether it is articles or just new offers.
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