Very Powerful Free "CASH COW" Tool

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Hey Warriors,

I ran across a very powerful tool this morning that I thought would be a great addition for those of you working the "Cash Cow" market.

Google Global Firefox Extension V2

"Google Global version 2 has been tested and is now ready for general release. V2 is a complete rewrite of version 1 as a result of all the wonderful feedback and feature requests. V2 is a lot more robust, works with more versions of Firefox and has over 20 new features! This version has some pretty advanced configuration options and is compatible with Firefox V3.

Google Global now allows you to view organic and paid Google search results as they appear in almost any location on Earth."

This will allow you to see local search results exactly as if you were in the same geographical area as your clients, for those of you that have clients that are not actually local for you.

Google Global Firefox Extension V2

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