Good source for photos to download ?

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I`m looking for some good , affordable source of photos .
Not free one , as most of them have watermark or require to sign for membership.
Just something with affordable monthly fee and high limit/unlimited of photos to download.
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    I use and like Stock Photos and Royalty Free Image Subscription from 123RF Stock Photography Very affordable and they have tons of pictures about practically anything you can think of.
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  • Profile picture of the author jgant is my favorite. It's much like iStock but costs $.80 to $1 per image. Huge selection.
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      Thanks to a previous recommendation on this forum, I now get almost all of my images from DepositPhotos - good quality images, for very reasonable price.
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    someone should create a site that aggregates images from all of the free sites onto one site.
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    Some people seem to do Google image searches then play roulette with any potential copyright issues. Just saying ...
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    Well, the best and most affordable sites I've found are and You can actually use the latter for free as long as you give them proper credit... Pretty sweet deal. BigStockPhoto has some very nice quality photos for a flat $3 each across the board.

    Originally Posted by David Braybrooke View Post

    Some people seem to do Google image searches then play roulette with any potential copyright issues. Just saying ...
    What are you "just sayin"? That it's a terrible idea to steal images? Because it is. Especially when there ARE free resources.

    Did you know that you can now literally drag an image into Google Images and it returns every usage of the image across the web? It's easier than ever to track image copyright infringement.
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    Pixabay - Public Domain Images FREE but you have just to sign up to get very high quality photos
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  • I use good quality photos. goodluck with that!
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      I have used 123rf in the past a lot and also put my vote in for them. They have just about anything you can think of and are very affordable.
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    You could try They have some nice stock photos for decent prices. You'll probably spend around 2 to 3 bucks per photo.

    Seems cheaper to me because when I go to other stock photo sites they require you to buy credits which are more times than likely... expensive.

    My first time buying stock photography I paid around $25 to buy maybe 4 photos and I really just wanted one. And that came from hours of trying to look for the cheapest stock photo site.

    The free stock photo sites aren't bad either, but I find the quality not as great as of course the paid stock photo sites, but one free site worth mentioning is stock.xchng. I've use that before and found some great photos. Had another free site I use to go to, but unfortunately can't remember.

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