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So I have exhausted virtually every other route in IM. I have my own website, I've tried Adsense, working on behalf of others, Clickbank, SEO, Website creation, Article Writing - non of the above have even come close to 'making' me any proper money. The only real thing I have left is building a list and trying out some affiliate marketing.

I am a relative newbie in this sector however and building myself any kind of business is going to be a very, very tough ask. I have popped into this section of the forum in the hope that people can give me any advice they feel is worthy, whether people can help set me in motion on my trip to success and so on.

I've grown to the stage now, where I have been failing for well over a year, perhaps even 18 months and despite at times wondering if infact nothing in IM is going to work with me, I'm willing to give this a few more chances in the hope that all my hard work and failings in time gone by will have taught me the required lessons and standards that I need to perform at to bring myself any sort of success.


Do we have any real AM's on this site?
Where should I begin?
Any tips?
Any websites/forums I can go to drop into a pool of AM's?

Just anything I guess, all help welcomed.
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    Hi Jack,

    You haven't failed until you stop! So, don't!

    There is an excellent affiliate module in A cheap & simple membership site for Internet Marketing. http://www.nolistnoidea.com
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    I would ask yourself why you think you have failed. If you ask honestly then you will probably find the answer. Most people fail through lack of focus and consistent application. SEO works and always will do but you have to be consistent. Paid traffic methods work but you have to do a lot of testing.

    There are loads of things you can do buddy but you need to pick one thing and stick to it until you get it to work and then duplicate it until it is earning you money.

    List building might not help you here. But choose something you like doing and learn everything you can about it. You won't get anywhere if you jump from one thing to another. It is hard I know I think most of us have been there but never give up.

    Every day you learn something by failure keep learning and implementing and you will get there. Wishing you all the best bro

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    Hi J.B. ?

    Anyway I am glad you are willing to learn from your mistakes and accept that they are there to help you make better decisions the next time round!

    It is only over until you say it is!

    Okay back to the talk of building your list.

    You can download my FREE report below that goes into L.B. to get you started and it is the top link by the way.

    Start there and learn the skills necessary to start with the basics and continue to develop your skills until you see some real momentum.

    It sounds to me as though you have tried too many different things and allowed yourself to become overwhelmed by all the info that is out there.

    List building for me is the best way to build a solid business as any traffic you funnel into your sales funnel can be marketed to and then turned into loyal paying customers as long as you follow the rules that is.

    Hope you enjoy the report and keep us updated on your progress!
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    I'm with leighs31 on this. A year is a very short time to have tried EVERYTHING and failed, My guess is that you didn't stick with anything long enough to see any satisfactory results.

    Pick 1 area of IM and and give it your all. Learn all there is to know about it. Maybe find yourself a mentor to speed up the learning process. And most importantly of all, give it time and don't let minor setbacks discourage you.
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      You say you've tried ClickBank. How exactly did you try it? You are pretty vague about what you've done so far. Most every one in IM is an affiliate for somebody. Some are affiliated with many products and companies.
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