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Many of those streaming audio I come across on the web has just a play and a stop button. (So if you missed a part, you can't rewind. Have to go all the way to the beginning of the audio)

There's some that has more buttons such as play, stop, rewind, forward and best of all, a scroller so you can go to any point of the audio.

Which streaming audio software has such feature?

Please share or pm me if you are an affiliate for one of such products. Thanks!
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    eZs3.com - Making Media Easy by Unleashing the Power of Amazon S3 Hosting

    If you want to self-host (cheaper) I can think of a
    workaround using a video player with a very thin
    black bar of video content. I haven't tried it but
    it should work.
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    maybe take a look at this flash audio player:
    Flash Music Player


    Graphics Design, Development and Webmaster Services

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      Thanks for the mention Loren :-)

      I am setting up a dozen more audio players.. anything in particular you want?

      eg...Ryan Deiss asked for a video player without any controllers - so that viewers had to watch the presentation without skipping etc.. we added that last month

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        My site has 25,000 bands each with their own page and media player for their song list. I'm in the process of a complete recode and will be using Flash players for the new site - they are a lot more flexible and offer the functionality you are looking for. Check out Wimpy Player if you don't mind paying - you get a very cool skinable player that can handles streaming single files or huge song lists, regular download and secure download for pay (audio and video). Whatever you do I reckon flash is the way to go - plenty of free ones out there too.
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