Unsubscribes - How Many Is Normal??

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Hello everybody,
I just started building a list and used solo ads. 150 people opted in and 3 already unsubscribed.

Is that normal ??? Or am I doing something wrong?
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    I´d say that´s OK. Unsubscribes are better than "complaints". 3 complaints wouldn´t be good, 3 un-subs is ok in my book.

    How many mails did you send them in between them opting in and unsubscribing? Over what period? Just curious!
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    That is a typical amount for me. You are Doing ok.
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    You didn't mention if you've done anything with the list yet. You also didn't mention what you offered visitors in return for subscribing. Very limited data.

    I'm going to assume you haven't mailed your list yet and that your freebie is, at least, average in quality. If this is the case, you're doing just fine. You're doing very well if you've actually mailed your list already.

    People unsub for whatever reason. It happens. Don't sweat it unless they're leaving in droves. If they are, you have an issue somewhere in your communications with them. You'll have to step back and figure that out.

    Keep plugging away. You've already won 85% of the battle.

    Raising a child is akin to knowing you're getting fired in 18 years and having to train your replacement without actively sabotaging them.

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    You're doing fine even if you haven't mailed to your list yet, and if you have then you're doing even better. I usually get at least several unsubscribes for every email I send out...even ones where I'm giving value and not selling anything.
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    What are you doing to maintain a relationship with your subscribers? That could be the issue unless the three unsubscribes just wanted what you were giving away and nothing else
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    You'll be replacing all of those unsubscribes with new and better people, so don't worry about it.

    You want unsubscribes so you get rid of the people who shouldn't be on your list in the first place.
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    A wise marketer once told me...

    "If you aren't getting any unsubscribes then you aren't marketing hard enough."

    I tend to agree.

    Look it as a sign you are doing something right rather than something wrong.

    That is unless you have an absurdly high unsubscribe rate... but a few here and there is definitely nothing to worry about.
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    Thank God that you are seeing people unsubscribe from your list.

    I tend to see a higher unsubscribe rate from my freebie seekers lists than from my buyers lists.

    I'd not worry about this at all. See unsubscribing as natural clearance. Like in nature, clearance is essential to keep away the parasites.

    You cannot squeeze out a dime of a broke person. Forget it. Focus on the people who stay on your list and become TRUE BUYERS.
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    It is purely normal.
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      Here's some actual research data on average unsubscribe
      rates for different industries:

      Research | MailChimp (no affil.)

      However, my goal is not to be average because average
      people get average results.

      My goal is to actually INCREASE my unsubscribe rate
      - yes really.

      Effective marketing - including via e-mail - is about putting
      out a strong message that polarizes people into believers
      and non-believers.

      Most average e-mail marketers try to put out a message
      that doesn't get unsubscribes.

      You've gotta break a few eggs to make a good omelette!

      Dedicated to mutual success,



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    If during the sign-up process you tried to make an offer that can lead to immediate unsubscribes as some people are just born freebie seekers and would never buy anything, so no great loss.

    Worry more about unsubscribes in the future when you've built up a relationship and you're losing people through promoting the wrong products.
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      If you're using aweber, make sure you delete all the people who unsubscribe as they are still counted as your subscribers and you will still be paying for them.
      Use my List Building Secret Weapon to kickstart your own list building

      List Building Secret Weapon - Free Download

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    That's Ok. A few unsubscribed after my first mailshot, but now its only one or two each time. Don't worry, your list will settle down.
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    Originally Posted by busting View Post

    Hello everybody,
    I just started building a list and used solo ads. 150 people opted in and 3 already unsubscribed.

    Is that normal ??? Or am I doing something wrong?
    Freebie seekers are normal in this line of business. People will stay on your list if they believe your are offering great value. Don't worry about unsubs and concentrate on the sub staying in.

    Well done for climbing aboard the list building agenda and building your business.


    This will NOT be up for long. Get it now whilst You still can. Btw it's FREE...
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    Wow, thanks a lot for the great answers. Yes I am giving away a freebie which
    is, at least in my humble opinion, high quality

    Update: My subscribes now reached 350 and unsubscribers 8.

    Damn I should have taken a screenshot of that PPC ad. DAMN !!!!!!!

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    Hi Busting!

    You don't want the people who are not really interested clogging up your autoresponder anyway!

    Finding the serious subscribers who really want to listen and trust your opinions are the ones who will turn into loyal paying customers of yours.

    Well done for taking action and all the best!
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      Three out of 150 is fine, but the general answer to your question is that there
      is no normal. It depends on the niche, how you captured them, how often you
      follow up, with what kind of content, how often you promote and on and on and

      Keep track of your rate, especially AFTER you send out an email. See if a
      particular type of email caused a better or worse reaction than other types.

      It's not an exact science. Test and track, test and track.

      Every once in a while (just recently did it) I clean out my list to see who REALLY
      wants to be on it and one list went from about 3,000 down to about 200. Fine
      by me. That's 200 people I know want to hear what I have to say and will
      more than likely continue buying from me.

      Don't be afraid to lose subscribers. In reality, you're not losing anything. If
      they didn't want to be there, they wouldn't have become customers anyway.

      Concentrate on what you HAVE, not on what you DON'T have.
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    OP, let me add my vote to say that your unsubscribe rate is just normal in my opinion.
    3 unsubscribers from 150 subscribers is only 2 percent. Not bad.

    Let me give you an analogy in what we do as an example. Content Writing 360° is always open for business partnerships. So when someone comes to us, we entertain the proponent. If we agree to have a mutual working partnership, we request them to like our Facebook fan page. After a few days, we noticed 1 fan was gone. Now those who voluntarily liked our fan page without telling them to do so stay faithfully on our list. Anyway, only 1 out of 100 does this to us. It's still negligible.

    Content Writing 360°
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