Jetspinner anyone???

by Richie V 3 replies
ive heard a few things about jetspinner that id like some clarification on.

i heard that this site spins off recreated articles for us to post to multiple sites so we dont get taken off for duplication of the article... is this correct?

also ive heard that the article sites have software that can catch that and not post your article. is this true as well?

any and all comments are appreciated
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    Jetspinner will spin it if you give different variations about the article.

    Last time I used it it would only submit to article dashboard sites.

    Don't know about your second question.
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      I have used Jetspinner with good results. There's a post in my blog about it here...

      You Won’t Believe These 2 Tools | Monty's Mega Marketing
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        I have used jetspinner for a few months now. It does a great job of giving you different versions of your article. You have to re-write them yourself which takes me about an hour and then it creates all the variations for you based on the various words you choose to be replaced in the body of the article.

        I know there were issues with the old version but it has been updated recently and I dont think it would be possible for directories to detect spun content if you rewrite them properly. I have submitted the articles to bigger sites like goarticles too and there was no problem getting accepted.

        If you use it together with jetsubmitter which you have to pay for you will notice that hardly any articles get accepted. Out of about 600 directories you will get about 200 successful submissions and out of those, not all will be indexed by search engines so you only end up with a handful of links. Considering it is so simple to do and only takes a few minutes it is still worth doing though.
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