I really need to get better selling online!

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I have just lost $131 dollars a week off my paycheck, and I need to make that income up somehow. So I have started in on promoting affiliate products; again!

The good news is I have successfully sold products on-line and have earned a few dollars. That proves that I can do it.

The bad new is, After earning a few dollars, the wind in my sales quickly dies out and then no wind. Meaning if I sit on my hands I Make Zilch! I have also recently paid $41 to make $20. Ouch!

None the less I will not back down from my goal, of just $131 a week! Sound easy? Not for me to me it sounds more like 1 Million a week right now, and that is due to my pace, and the success that I have seen in the past.

I would like to be more efficient in my efforts, I would like to build, momentum and strategy that works. For the time being I want to focus my attention on one product, build up a reputation; find several angles to promote this product to different people.

Does this sound like putting all my eggs in one basket? Am I on the right track?

For me I do not want to find a part time job to make up this $131 a week. Yuck!! If luck should find me I may be able to make more that $131. That would spell pay raise.

I am looking for tools that makes producing content easier, I am looking for methods that work! Mostly I need to win! If you have any useful information that has helped you please let me know.

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  • Well, you are looking for quite a few things all at once it seems. You can easily make money online (a lot more then $131 a week by the way) by being an affiliate. You have to decide are you going to spend any money to do this, or are you going to do everything for free. You can make money both ways, usually spending some money on the front will get you going a lot faster.

    First off, make sure you are selling a product that is easy to sell. Whatever affiliate network you are a member of, make sure your product has good a high gravity and earnings per sale. Make sure whatever category it is in, that it is towards the top of the list. You want something that other people want to sell too, that means it's a good product to promote. There is a product called "Chronic Commissions" that has been ranking very well and it is quite popular right now. I'm not sure how well the product works, but it is popular.

    So once you pick a good product to promote, then you have to figure out how to get people to buy it through your affiliate link. A great resource for free internet marketing tips and tricks to get traffic and everything else is Nick's Traffic Tricks. Just google "Nick's Traffic Tricks." He has a ton of good free info on there that would help you. Now, if you have even just a little money, I would suggest utilizing mobile advertising. You can go to AdMob(owned by google- like everything else) get a free account, and create an ad that will show up on cell phone apps on mobile phones. It's a fantastic way to reach people quickly, and research has shown that people prefer cell phone advertising to other methods. They respond well to it, and you will get a higher percentage of people buying from these ads. If you need guidance on how to use cell phone advertising, google "cell phone cash " or maverick money makers. They have a system they teach you with modules of several videos over a 6 week period. It really is amazing, and they show you everything you could need to know on how to make money by using cell phone marketing. Good luck. Any questions, PM me or post on this thread.
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    If you need the money now, you WILL struggle in affiliate marketing to make that straight off the bat.

    You need time to reach position 1 in the search engines for your money keywords, this does not happen overnight.

    I suggest you sign up to something like oDesk or Elance, or even offer yourself in the Warriors For Hire forums. This is essentially guaranteed money that you could be earning RIGHT NOW.

    This will replace your income loss and give you a little extra to test your affiliate campaigns.

    This is what I would do anyway. - You need a backup plan in case your affiliate stuff doesn't lift off the ground within the next couple of weeks.

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    My experience says that even it's good to be determined and the need of money is good motivation to create this feeling, usually this comes with impatience and non firm business steps. Even this a generalization and i don't disregard the need, try to concentrate on the things you like and don't make the money hide your path.
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    I agree with Dave - the fact that you want to make a small amount doesn't make it any easier.

    If you have skills offer them, or get one of the offline WSO and aim to get a couple of clients every week. Just one website deal, or Facebook Fan Page could bring in more than that.
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    Focus on creating effective copywriting for sales letter.
    There are a number of resources here on this forum.

    Once you learn how to write good copy, then making GREAT money is in the bag.
    Quick money makers are only for the short term
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    The first thing I would be doing in your case is going back in time to see how I made the sales in the past.

    That system or strategy you used obviously worked so its just a matter of doing that again. This time, fine tune and make some changes, educate yourself on WHY you made sales and concentrate on that.

    It saves learning something new.

    It could as simple as just scaling UP your previous efforts?

    To me you have everything you need, by making sales you have proved to yourself you can do it, as you said.

    WELL GO and do it again....and again......and again......and again....... fades out

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