Affiliate Networks Lowering Payouts

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Do you find your affiliate network lowers your payouts when you get a certain offer working well? I find it annoying.
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    no decent network will lower payouts. you get what you earn
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    Same here, I've never had a affiliate network or program lower my money after so many sales.

    In fact, as soon as I'm a top affiliate, I use it as leverage.

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      A lot of CPA offers will reduce the payout depending on the length of time and success of the offer.

      I used to promote free signups to new online games. The offer might pay $3 per action to start. After six months or a year they will drop the payout to maybe $2 because the game is getting traction or they are getting more organic signups. Sometimes they will drop it further or pull the offer all together.

      Some other products test different price points as the high price is not always the most profitable. I've gotten several different commissions from the same CB product because the owner was testing different prices.

      If in doubt, contact the product owner or affiliate manager.
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    If an affiliate network company reduces the payouts to their affiliates, maybe there are taxes and fees.

    Most U.S affiliates who join to U.S affiliate companies are required to pay the tax.

    Make sure to check rules of each affiliate network company before you promote affiliate products.
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    I haven't heard of any, because usually, the payout limit is already set upon signing up.

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    I've had Amazon ban my account for making money too fast... not sure if that counts.
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      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      I've had Amazon ban my account for making money too fast... not sure if that counts.
      "Sorry sir, but you are making us way too much money. And even though we like you making us all this money, we have to ban your account."

      Hmmm... There was probably another reason that your account was banned/disabled by Amazon, but making money too fast wouldn't be one of them. As long as you aren't getting a ton of refunds for the products you are promoting, or are not using questionable tactics to get your sales, then I would see no reason for them to "ban" you.

      Yes, I do know that amazon does ban people, however; "Making too much money" or "Making money too fast" just isn't going to be one of them.

      -- Jeff

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