Any advice on how to find websites for small direct media buys?

by sean83
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I'm looking to make a direct media buy from a decent small website that gets atleast 2,500/day uniques, i've looked through Alexa, compete, quantcast, google ad planner, and emailed quite a few web owners.

I'm looking to get either a flat rate monthly buy of about $200 or a cpm below $1.

So far I've had no luck, does anyone have any advice? besides what I've already been doing.

Thanks Anyone
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    This is a pretty good resource...

    Buy Ads | BuySellAds

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    this has worked, but hit or miss, can find cheap deald
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    Most sites will not give you cheap deals. Think about it. If you were a site with 2500 uniques a day
    you would just grab adsense/sitescout and call it a day. Cheap deals come from sites with little or no traffic.
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      depends on the niche.

      Your best bet is to find local sites easily that have no clue what theyre doing and just make them an offer.

      I sit on a nonprofit board for a gun org, they cant advertise in most traditional ways. we have one large annual contract with an adexchange that serves our primary ads, and before I joined the board, they sold local banner ad spots for like 100 bucks a month, and they see 110,000 UV's per month.
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    You may want to check a site called project wonderful, it could be useful. It has a large network of websites and blogs
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