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Hi all,
Im new to the WarriorForum and currently working on a few ventures.
One of my product ideas is a video tutorial. Judging by my preliminary outline, the video can turn out to be 3 or even more hours. My question is if you have experience with this, would it be feasible to make this into a digital product with good quality. I am concerned about size and bandwidth of course, and whether most buyers will have trouble downloading such a big file/s.
My other solution would be to burn it to DVD, although that would mean that I have to send out a physical product.
Can you give me your 2 cents, please.
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    It really depends on what your niche is and what the product is. Some niches and/or products just don't work as physical products. And, vice versa, some products will actually sell better and for more money as a physical product.

    If you're going to go digital download. I definitely wouldn't do a single download for the video. Break it into separate chunks.

    I'm doing the same thing right now with my latest product. It's about 3 1/2 hours worth of video that's broken down into 11 videos and delivered online. The great thing about going the digital route is that it's easier to provide unannounced bonuses. For example, I'll probably be adding at least 2 more videos to my course after the launch. Those will just be free add-ons that increase the value of the product and my relationship with my members.

    Hope that helps.
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      Thanks. Makes a lot of sense. What delivery service are you using? E-Junkie, PayLoadz?
      My first product, which is still in production since March, lol, will definately be a physical product. But once I get the hang of it, I might convert to digital so I don't have to do the actual mailing. Automation all the way.
      I think the product I talked about initially will be better off as a digital thing, because it will be mostly Camtasia videos. The other one, I actually hired a guy with a camera because we needed live shots.
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      I agree with the other comments on breaking the video into smaller components. Call them modules or chapters and try to break them down by separate content sections.

      Offer it streaming as well as the download and you will make the most people happy.

      Here's another thought... offer the physical CD set as an upsell to the online version. I

      Another option: given the volume of footage, you may also want to consider taking a portion of it and making that your front end product. This can be a self liquidating thing leading to the back end which can be the bulk of your material. You may want to offer the backend with a few options... streaming/downlodable for one figure and as a physical product on disc, especially if you can come up with a few additional elements to add to the offering to make it even more enticing.

      This all only works if you can pull out a section that can stand on its own and have the balance of the material stand on its own as well.

      There are a number of possibilities when you start to break things down.

      Hope that helps some.


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        Hey thanks. These are great marketing ideas. Ideally, I would create something that can be a forced continuity product or service. I need to handle the front end first though, before planning anything else.
        What delivery services are you guys using?
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    Hi there,

    I sell 3-4 hour video courses online no problems at all. I split them down into 10-20 minute chapters and give people the option to watch them online or download them to watch offline. Offering a course like that works nicely and keeps most people happy as after 10-20 minutes people are getting fidgety

    You could also put it on DVD and upload it to a fulfilment house like Kunaki and either sell it as solely physical product, sell the physical product as an upsell, or sell it has part of the product, i.e. they can download it and get a dvd in the post.

    All the best

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    i would do both, if possible, the more options the better. if you can ONLY do one, definitely digital...
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