Where Can You Advertise Your Services?

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You have probably heard people tell you to offer a service of some kind to make enough money to invest in internet marketing. But if you don't know WHERE to offer your service this thread is for you. Below is my list of the top websites where you can advertise your services.

Please feel free to add new websites or methods just don't repeat the same ones that are on this list. Thanks.
  • freelancer.com (free to sign up but you have to pay if you win a bid)
  • odesk.com (paid)
  • guru.com (paid)
  • craigslist.com (free)
  • forums.digitalpoint.com (free)
  • webproworld.com (free)
  • warriors for hire section of WF (paid)
  • fiverr
  • writeswap.com (for writers)
  • iwriter.com (for writers)
  • textbroker.com (for writers)
  • elance.com

Feel free to add more. Thanks.

I am more interested in websites where you can post Ads about your service for free. Since most newbs don't have a lot of money to invest.
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