Complete Misspelled Keyword Marketing System - Web 2.0 Style

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If you been around Internet Marketing for a while then you have seen methods something close to this...

* Pick a Niche

* Do some Keyword Research (Target Long tail keywords or 3 to 5 words per phrase)

* Do some Market Research (Your actually do it the same time you do Keyword Research)

Based on the Keyword and Market research you will have found Highly searched keywords that have low competition less than 50,000 (Sometimes 25,000) other websites competing for that phrase. (With the right tools these 2 steps can and should be combined and done at once).

* Make a SEO optimized blog or website (I would choose to do a blog, because of the SEO plug-ins that are readily available)

* Promote - to get indexed

* Promote - build back links for ranking purposes

* Get traffic hence get sales

Why do people recommend this method? Frankly, it works!

What I am going to show you is a way to target the main keywords of Market. You can get involved with ANY Market!

Make Money Online
Weight loss
Self Improvement
Anything, I do mean anything!

Ok, let's face it some red flags are going up and I have anticipated a major question. So let's get that out of the way real quick.

Q - What's in it for you Francis, you're selling something aren't you?
A - Honestly No. This is a way of giving back for all the time and effort people have been giving to me and other people on this forum. I want to be a part of the community.

If you have any more questions, post them or send a PM me. I will answer them as soon as I can.

Quick Note: I talk about building AdSense sites here, but the beauty of this "method" is that it works for...

List Building

Back linking

Affiliate Marketing

Your Own Products

SEO Marketing

Article Marketing

The concept has been around for years. Enough of the anticipation...

The "guide" is going to show you how to market with Misspelled and Typo'd Keywords.

Before we get started here are the tools you will need (both are free).

  1. A Typo Generator - Typo Generator
  2. Google's External Keyword Tool -
That's it ... here goes!

Here are my assumptions.

1.You know how to do keyword research.
2.You have at least tried to market something previously.
3.You can set up a blog or Squidoo lens.
4.You know how to Socially Bookmark a site.
5.You know how to Ping a RSS feed.

Here are the steps that I use (remember I am looking to build an AdSense Site for this guide)...

1) Pick a Market - ANY NICHE

2) Do very little keyword research (We are not looking for long tail keywords here, but for more effective results you can).

3) Get Your Misspelled and Typo'd Keywords (and then filter them).

4) Set up your "web property".

5) Back Link to relevant sites or high PR sites.

6) Socially bookmark both the blog and back links.

7) Ping all the RSS feeds you create.

Step 1 - Pick a Market

Just pick a BIG MARKET. Yup, it's that easy.

Step 2 - Limited Keyword Research

Go to Google's External Keyword tool and find a market that has a high Click Thru Payout.

Quick Note: IMPORTANT to target a 2 or 3 Keyword Phrase! You will see why this is essential in a minute. Example: If you choose Insurance (which by the way is the hardest market to break into, just look at what Google is making on that one keyword for the top position, $18 and change at the time of this writing) as your market, break it down to Auto Insurance.

I made a quick video on how to do this if you don't know how.

YouTube - MisspelledKeywordMarketingWF1

Step 3 - Get Misspelled Keywords

Then go to the typo generator and "spin" the words. Here is a really quick video that shows you what I do.

YouTube - MisspelledKeywordMarketingWF2

Filter the Misspelled and Typo'd Keyword List. Here is a quick video showing you how to easily filter your list of keywords that generate traffic.

YouTube - MisspelledKeywordMarketingWF3

Step 4 - Setting Up Your "Web Property"
Let me say this up front ... You are only going to focus on ONE keyword phrase per "web property". Now that you have your Main Keyword phrase and you have some typo'd/misspelled keywords, you need to set up a Blog or Squidoo Lens.

Build your page(s) made with your Keyword Phrase spelled correctly.

Quick Note: Basic SEO - You want your keyword phase in your title, description, in your first sentence of your first paragraph (bolded if you can) and in the last sentence of your last paragraph. This is working for me. I know there is tons more to say about this, but you will have to do your own research.

There are also a three options about the content for your "web property" to choose from...

  • Use other people's articles.
  • Write your own content.H
  • Hire someone to write your own content.
Honestly, not to be lazy, I would use EZA articles. Why? If you are testing to see if this will work for you, it is the quickest way to get started.

Quick Note: I would setup a blog for the benefit of AdSense, but not necessary if you are focusing on something else.

So you made a lens or blog, let's move on...

Step 5 - Setting up back links

There are 5 types of back links that you can set up in my opinion ...

Highly Relevant AND High PR domain links (including EDU/GOV domains)

Relevant Back Links

High PR Domain Back links

No or Low PR Domain Back Links

And what I call SPAM Back Links (NEVER DO THIS ;-)

The first 3 are the way you should do things. Let me explain in a little detail what I mean though.

Highly Relevant AND High PR domain links
- Are links that you can set up through articles, comments, blog posts, EDU and GOV sites that relate to your Market. This is a little easier to do because we are dealing in markets not niches, but still a little difficult to setup and a lot more time consuming.

Relevant Back Links -
The site is relevant when it is focused on your Main Keyword Phrase.
Here is one way to get highly relevant back links back to your site.
Example: Go to Google's home page and search (without quotes on the outside) "site:Squidoo : Welcome to Squidoo "0 points" insurance quote" there are currently 357 page where you can leave a link either through a comment box or a link list for the search tem Insurance Quote. (You can replace "0 points" with "comments" to give you lens that allow you to post comments.)

YouTube - MisspelledKeywordMarketingWF4

There are other ways you can build links, just check out other posts here on Warrior forum.

High PR Domain Back links -

Example: Here is an example of PR 7 Site that you can leave links on. will be the focus of this example. You need to register for this site.

YouTube - MisspelledKeywordMarketingWF5

Finding high PR Domains seems to be an art form these days. There are posts here on the Warrior Forum that can show you where to find these kind of domains that allow you to post to the sites.

SPAMMING Links - Not worth talking about.

How much should I back link? About 5 to 15 links a day. Why? You want it to appear to the Search Engines that these links are being added "naturally" and not being spammed.

Important: Methodically use your keywords, you want to appear natural here. Strive for 3 links back for each misspelled keyword to your site (In anchor text form) from different domains. Work your way through your list.

Why build back links for your misspelled keywords?

The more likely to get top 10 results in the search engines. It's that simple.

Step 6 - Socially Bookmark Your "Web Property" and Your Back links

I am not going to go into detail, because of the assumptions I used earlier. Bookmark all back links and pages you create. Don't go crazy doing this.

Step 7 - Ping all the RSS feeds created

I would use Ping-O-Matic or another automated service. There are some software that will totally automate this process also.

Quick Note: This is an important step to any back linking strategy - Harvest ALL RSS url's that are created from your Bookmarking Efforts. If you don't know how here is a quick video.

YouTube - MisspelledKeywordMarketingWF6

That's it! Rinse and Repeat.

I hope you see the results that I have and thank you reading this post. Best of luck to all your marketing efforts!

Francis Murray
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    Where else can I learn more about this method?

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    Originally Posted by FranMurray View Post

    I hope you see the results that I have and thank you reading this post. Best of luck to all your marketing efforts!

    Francis Murray

    What kind of results are you seeing?
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    Please how can a complete naive newbie like me implement and benefit from the marketing system?

    Thanks for your time and effort.
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      Fran, this is a really interesting method. I would bet there is a lot of traffic in most niches for misspelled keywords. But I'm a little bit confused. You said:

      Build your page(s) made with your Keyword Phrase spelled correctly.
      Is that a typo, and you mean to build the pages with the MISSPELLING? Or, if not, then where are you putting the misspelling so you get ranked for it?

      Also, when you build links, are you using the misspelling in the anchor text?

      I'd love to try this, so just want to make sure I have it right.
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